Kim Joon poses for Japan's "Brokore" cover

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Boy band T-Max member Kim Jun featured on the cover of Japanese magazine Brokore. [Brokore]

Boy band T-MAX member Kim Joon will be featured on the cover of Japanese magazine "Brokore", according to his agency on Friday.

The magazine, which delivers Korean entertainment news in Japan, asked Kim to model for the cover of its December issue, Planet 905 said in a statement.

The entire three-member band, including Shin Min-chul and Park Yoon-hwa, then took part in an interview where they revealed stories of the group who have lived together for four years and talked about their ideal type of woman.

T-MAX is well-known in Japan for their song “Paradise", the soundtrack for hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers.” Kim also starred in the hit drama early this year alongside SS501 leader Kim Hyun-joong and actor Lee Min-ho.

T-MAX are set to perform at a Christmas concert for their Japanese fans on December 22 and 23 in Tokyo and Osaka, respectively.
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