TV series "Hero" may replace female lead role

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Kim Min-jung, who was set to play the lead female role in TV series "Hero". [MBC]

MBC TV series "Hero" is set to make a premiere in about a week but may have to replace its current lead actress Kim Min-jung who has been suffering from an arm injury.

"She cannot move her arm properly at the moment and will have to receive treatment and therapy for a long time," explained an official at J1ENT on Monday. "We think she might not be fit enough to play her character in her current condition."
He added that Kim too thinks she may be straining herself to play the part but is also determined to fulfill her promise to shoot the drama. "We will do our best to have her undergo treatment if we can buy a couple more days before going into shoot again," the official said.

The 27-year-old actress had been unable to attend a press conference for the drama last week as well as being unable to shoot her scenes.

"Hero", about a group of youngsters who rebel and fight against a corrupt society, also stars Kim Min-jeong, Baik Yoon-shik, Um Ki-joon and Shin Joo-ah.
The Wednesday and Thursday night drama is set to air starting November 11.

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Editor : Jessica Kim
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