Jang Hyuk praises big screen newcomer Sung Yu-ri

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From left, actor Jang Hyuk and singer and actress Sung Yu-ri. [Lee Ki-bum/Asia Economic Daily]

Actor Jang Hyuk on Monday welcomed singer-turned-actress Sung Yu-ri's debut to the big screen, praising his co-star of making big efforts which revealed never-before-seen sides to her acting.

"This was a chance for me to see a new side to her," said Jang of his collaboration with Sung during a press conference for their fim "Maybe" held at Lotte Cinema in Seoul.
"It was very comfortable and natural working with her and you'll be surprised to notice how she uses the beauty of space in her acting," Jang added.

Sung, who debuted as a member of the former four-member girl band Fin.K.L in 1998, took to the small screen several years later to star in several TV series including "Thousand Years of Love" and most recently "Swallow the Sun".

She is taking her first shot at the big screen in "Maybe," a melodrama about an adoptee girl who returns to her hometown in search of her mother and a guy who prepares everyday for the last of his days due to suffering from a rare heart condition.
Jang has starred in numerous dramas and films since his debut in 1996, winning the award for best actor at the West Hollywood International Film Festival in "Dance of the Dragon" in which he appeared alongside Singaporean actress Fann Wong.

"Maybe" will make its worldwide premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival starting Thursday where it has been officially selected to show at the Korean Cinema Today - Panorama segment. It will be released in theatres on October 22.

Senior Reporter : Moon Yong-sung
Editor : Jessica Kim
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