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Actor Lee to build houses with Jimmy Carter

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Korean actor Lee Seo-jin [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Lee Seo-jin is set to meet with former U.S. president Jimmy Carter for a charity project that builds houses, according to a report on Wednesday.

The actor will participate in the "2009 JRCWP: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Work Project", which will take place in five countries in the Mekong River region from November 11 to 15.

Famous participants this year include Chinese martial arts actor Jet Li, Hong Kong actor Daniel Wu and other celebrity PR ambassadors for Habitat.

Lee is scheduled to volunteer for six days at the Habitat site in Chiang Mai, Thailand where 82 houses will be built. He will also attend the dinner hosted by Carter on Friday.

The "Mekong Project" will build a total of 174 houses in five countries along the Mekong River including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and China.
Habit for Humanity Korea will donate 44,000 dollars to the project from the funds it has collected from Habitat Korea, KOICA, Binggrae and other organizations.

The Carter Work Project began in 1984 with their involvement in Habitat for Humanity International, a volunteer program that builds houses for families in need of shelter. It takes places at a different location each year and attracts volunteers from all over the world.

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Editor : Lynn Kim
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