Top Film Stars Wrap Up Shooting New Noir Action Pic

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Director Park Hoon-jung (left) give directions to actor Lee Jung-jae (right) during the last shooting of their new film "New World" [translated title], in the set located at Gangwon Province, Korea on September 14, 2012. [NEW]

Several A-list Korean movie stars have completed shooting a noir flick, working together for a total of three months.

The film’s distributor NEW said in a press release Thursday that “New World” [translated title], starring Lee Jung-jae, Choi Min-sik and Hwang Jung-min, cranked up on September 14 in the set located in the Gangwon Province in Korea.

The anticipated flick wrapped up its final shooting with a scene featuring the first meeting between Lee and Hwang's characters.

“We did our best in working hard during the hot summer weather and I'm sure that the film will be different from other releases,” Lee said in the statement, expressing his confidence in the film.

“The chemistry amongst the cast members and staffs was great and I hope I can have a chance to work with them again. It has been such a pleasant and lovely three months,” Hwang added.
Helmed by the acclaimed scriptwriter Park Hoon-jung of “I Saw the Devil” (2010), the noir story centers around a detective named Ja-sung [played by Lee] who goes under cover into a notorious gang group.

While he gets involved in a firm relationship with the group’s second-in-command Jung Chung [Hwang], the secret investigation’s operator Kang [Choi] plans to arrest the whole gang group.

Aiming to open a gate of Korean noir action flicks, the movie will undergo post production and scheduled to open in the first half of 2013.

Actor Hwang Jung-min poses on the set of his new film "New World" [translated title], which wrapped up its three months shooting on September 14, 2012. [NEW]

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