Lee Jae-hoon, Han Suk-kyu to portray student-teacher relationship in new film

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Actor Lee Jae-hoon poses for a profile picture on his official website. [Saram Entertainment]

Korean actors Lee Jae-hoon and Han Suk-kyu have teamed up to star in a forthcoming comedy drama flick, announced the film's production company KM Culture Thursday.

KM revealed in a press release that Lee and Han joined director Yoon Jong-chan's fourth full-length film "My Papparoti" (translated title), which cranked in last weekend.

The firm unveiled that the first shooting took place at a high school in Yeoju in the Gyeonggi Province on August 4, capturing a student named Jang-ho (Lee) who transfers to another school after having committed an accident.

"My Papparoti" will focus on the special relationship between Jang-ho and his music teacher named Sang-jin (played by Han). Jang-ho, who is also a member of a gang, dreams of becoming a singer like the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti and will try to pursue his musical career with Sang-jin's help.

Set to open in local theaters during the first half of next year, "My Papparoti" will co-star actors Oh Dal-soo, Jo Jin-woong and actress Kang So-ra.
Actor Han Suk-kyu in a scene of thriller "Villain and Widow" released in Korea on November 24, 2011. [Sidus FHN]

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