Song Joong-ki, Park Si-yeon reveals sneak peek of "Good Man"

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Actor Song Joong-ki and actress Park Si-yeon chat on the grass at Seoul Women’s University in Seoul on July 28, while shooting for "Good Man" set to hit the airwaves in September, 2012. [YTree Media]

Actor Song Joong-ki and actress Park Si-yeon have revealed another batch of still shots for KBS’ upcoming TV series, “Good Man.”

On Tuesday, the drama’s promoter YTree Media released behind-the-scene footage of the main casts Song and Park going on a date at a campus.

The photos, which were taken at Seoul Women’s University in Seoul on July 28, feature Song and Park getting cozy on the grass and wearing casually like college students.

The melodrama “Good Man” starts its story with Kang Ma-ru [played by Song] gets burned by the love of his life, Han Jae-hee [played by Park].

After getting betrayed by Han, Kang changes from a good man to a bad one and determines to take vengeance on Han by using Seo Eun-ki [played by actress Moon Chae-won].
With director Kim Jin-won behind the screen, the KBS’ new Wednesday and Thursday TV series will hit the airwaves in September after drama “Gaksital” ends its run.

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