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"Ju Ji-hoon was perfect for comic role," says director of "I am the King"

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Still shot of Ju Ji-hoon in "I am the King" [Lotte Entertainment]

Still shot of Ju Ji-hoon in "I am the King" [Lotte Entertainment]

Historical drama and comedy are two of the most prolific and popular genres in Korea, but reshaping the respected historical figures in comedy films may not be an easy task.

Jang Kyu-sung, the director of Ju Ji-hoon's upcoming movie "I am the King," had to face the same problem when he decided to get on the task with Ju at his side.

"I found that there was something new and a kind of joy that lasts when Ju is playing a comic role. It came to me he is more than perfect for the character," Jang said in a press release sent by the pic's promoter Lotte Entertainment on Tuesday.

The promoters said in the statement that it was a "bold decision of the director" to cast Ju as the lead in the movie about King Sejong (Ju), who introduced 'Hangul,' the native phonetic alphabet system for the Korean language.

Still shot of Ju Ji-hoon in "I am the King" [Lotte Entertainment]

Still shot of Ju Ji-hoon in "I am the King" [Lotte Entertainment]

In "I am the King," Ju portrays a dual role of a beggar and King Sejong, when he was in his teens and used the title 'Grand Prince Choong-nyung.'

The movie depicts the three months before Choong-nyung becomes the Crown Prince, as his two older brothers, Yang-nyeong and Hyo-Ryung, fail to be recognized to become the king of the Joseon Dynasty.

This is where director Jang gets in and make a good twist in the story of Choong-nyung, one of the most revered historical figure in Korea of all time.

Notwithstanding his father King Taejong's royal command to become the next ruler of the dynasty, Choong-nyung feels burdened by his father's decision and climbs over the palace wall to escape from his responsiblity.

Then he meets Duk-chil, a beggart who is the spitting image of the king himself.

Against Choong-nyung's initial wish to live in seclusion, he gets mistaken by the courtiers as the begger and Duk-chil gets identified as Choong-nyung.

Having gained different responsibilities and wearing different wardrobes overnight, the actor's double role play will comically deliver the hidden, and humane story of King Sejong.

Adding more attractive features to the well-knit plot, Kim Suro, Baek Yoon-sik, and Park Young-kyu, who are known for their roles in comedy films will be co-star in "I am the King."

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