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[REVIEW] KBS' "Love Rain" - 5th Episode

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A scene from KBS drama "Love Rain" [KBS]

A scene from KBS drama "Love Rain" [KBS]

32 years ago, when In-ha (Jang Keun-suk) fell in love with Yoon-hee (Yoona) at first sight, he described the moment as a "three-second crush." Meanwhile, Seo Jun (also played by Jang) in year 2012, proudly says that he can seduce any girls within three seconds. The arrogant and selfish Seo Jun and Jung Hana (also played by Yoona), who is able to put a big smile on her face while dressed in an ugly outfit, meet again with their history behind. As it is shown in their lines, their love in 2012 seemed different from 32 years ago when the pair's love was at bad timing all the time. It looked like an easy road for the two, but just an episode after that, their fate has returned again. Seo Jun and Jung Hana's love were going through the same cycle from 32 years ago.

The only key that could save "Love Rain" from being perceived as "the fairy tale of first love" is in the hands of In-ha and Yoon-hee (Jung Jin-Young and Lee Mi-sook). Up until the fourth episode, everything that In-ha and Yoon-hee had were just each other. However, what they had left with in 2012 were 32 years of time and their own families. Despite all that situation, the couple coincidentally meet again through their children. After realizing that their children have feelings toward each other, the love that In-ha and Yoon-hee couldn't protect in decades back, they reveal their true feelings. As a result, "Love Rain" will now be able to draw a plot that is different from what it has shown so far. Seo Jun and Hana spot a diamond snow, which is told to be a magical snow that makes people's love last when seeing it together. Myths always happen in real in dramas, and this rule is more true in director Yoon Suk-ho's world. Depending on how In-ha and Yoon-hee's story develops in the future, one can predict if "Love Rain" will be committed to that rule of myths in the small screen.

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