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[REVIEW] tvN "The Wedding Scheme" - 1st episode

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A scene from tvN's "The Wedding Scheme" aired on April 2 [tvN]

A scene from tvN's "The Wedding Scheme" aired on April 2 [tvN]

In Brief
How would it feel if the first half of a game ends just in seconds after it starts with a go sign? "The Wedding Scheme," which draws the conflict of a couple before getting married, instantly turned Kang-jae (Lee Gyu-han) and Geon-hee (Kang Hye-jung) from an enemy into a strategic partner. The fact that Geon-hee values work over her marriage, and that Kang-jae does not differentiate women at work, are precisely shown through powerful lines and scenes. There was no extra description needed. When Geon-hee makes a huge mistake during her presentation and complains about it in front of Kang-jae, he punishes her by saying that, unlike her, he doesn't blame other people for what he has done. From the introduction of the characters to the well-organized structure with a climax, the first episode of "The Wedding Scheme" had everything that the drama needed to show.

Best or Worst
Best: The fast development of the story bears a number of problems after all. While Geon-hee talks with her mom Doo-ryeon, who believes that family is more important than work, suddenly confesses that she blames her dad who passed away all of a sudden. She even cries while yelling at her boss at work. All these incidents make the viewers become confused by leaving them with emotions but no stories. The story of Sun-hee (Lee Young-eun), who is the oldest daughter in charge of her two younger sisters, were cliche enough to put the drama at risk. But the harmony of skilled actors and the drama's characters made the TV audiences to get curious about the next episode. Kang Hye-jung and Lee Gyu-han, both who charmingly express their characters, form a perfect balance in the series. The tiny quarrels they showed in the first episode generated the audiences' interest in the next episode, but at the same time, left doubts about the storyline. Having kicked off a good start, the drama's soft sailing in the future will depend on how detailed the relationship between characters are in this fast-paced story.

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