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[REVIEW] KBS TV series "Wild Romance" - 1st Episode

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Scene from KBS TV series "Wild Romance" [KBS]

Scene from KBS TV series "Wild Romance" [KBS]

KBS TV series "Wild Romance" - Wed/Thur 9:55 p.m.
It is not about love at a baseball park or about baseball and love separately. Baseball is the reason the main characters come to work in the same space together and the tool that provokes each other's emotions. Yoo Eun-jae (Lee Si-young), an avid fan of baseball team the Blue Seagulls and anti-fan of the Red Dreamers player Park Moo-yeul (Lee Dong-wook), thinks the Blue Seagulls lost a game they were close to winning because of Park and throws him over her shoulder when she bumps into him at a karaoke bar. And because both would get into trouble -- Yoo for getting into a fight after drinking when she is a bodyguard and Park for fighting with a woman -- they hold a press conference and announce that Yoo is Park's private bodyguard. From then on, the two, who get involved with each other after a violent physical fight instead of sweet physical affection, as baseball player and bodyguard call each other "a gangster playing baseball" and "dunce" and when back at their respective homes go back to baseball and an anti-fan that chat online as if about to prey on the other.

The first episode to "Wild Romance" which spent a lot of time showing how frank of a woman Yoo is and how inconsiderate a man Park is, presented viewers with a main male and female character that are different from those seen in usual romantic comedies. It was also worth complimenting for the mere fact that there were no scenes to waste but it was also funny every moment. Hence baseball was not an element incorporated for the purpose of creating the romance but material that would strengthen the romance that would bud between them some time in the future. Situations such as Yoo's father (Lee Won-jong) warning his daughter that "although your body is next to his (Park), your soul is blue" was so solemn that it triggered laughter and the energy of the characters surrounding baseball brought each of their lines to life. The ball has been thrown. What is important is which direction it will go in. The task "Romance" will have to undertake is to maintain its level of humor but not be forceful in showing how the main characters' ill-fated relationship becomes destined love.

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