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Han Suk-kyu reclaims glory at SBS Drama Awards

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Han Suk-kyu [SBS]

Han Suk-kyu [SBS]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Actor Han Suk-kyu proved himself worthy of his reputation as one of Korea's best actors by taking the top prize of SBS' annual drama awards with his first small screen project in 16 years.

Han, who had turned his attention to movies after MBC's 1995 TV series "Hotel," took the Grand Prize of the 2011 SBS Drama Awards held in Seoul on Saturday for his role as King Sejong in historical drama "Deep Rooted Tree."
"Tree" had garnered much positive response throughout its two and a half month-long run, staying the most-watched Wednesday and Thursday night primetime series for 11 weeks, as well as winning Han much critical appraise.

"I thank my parents. They have blessed me with everything including my voice and my state of consciousness," the 47-year-old actor said in his acceptance speech. He also took the Teenage Star Prize, based on results from a popularity poll on teenagers.

The series revolving around how King Sejong creates the 'Hangul,' or Korean language, also took the trophies for best series, producer award and excellent actress in the category of drama specials.
▶List of Winners for 2011 SBS Drama Awards ◀

▶Achievement Award = Kim Young-ok ("Protect the Boss")
▶Grand Prize: Han Suk-kyu ("Deep Rooted Tree")
▶Best Drama = "Deep Rooted Tree" (Producer: Jang Tae-yoo)
▶Best Actor/Actress (Weekend Series) = Lee Dong-wook ("Scent of a Woman"), Kim Suna ("Scent of a Woman")
▶Best Actor/Actress (Special Series) = Kim Rae-won ("Thousand Days Promise"), Jang Hyuk ("Deep Rooted Tree"), Soo-ae ("Thousand Days Promise")
▶Best Actor/Actress (Drama Specials) = Ji Sung ("Protect the Boss"), Lee Min-ho ("City Hunter"), Choi Gang-hee ("Protect the Boss")
▶Excellent Actor/Actress (Weekend Series) = Um Ki-joon ("Scent of a Woman"), Lee So-yeon ("My Love")
▶Excellent Actor/Actress (Special Series) = Jeon Gwang-ryeol ("The Warrior, Baek Dong-soo"), Yoon Soy ("The Warrior, Baek Dong-soo")
▶Excellent Actor/Actress (Drama Specials) = Jung Gyu-woon ("Sign"), Shin Se-gyeong ("Deep Rooted Tree")
▶Teenage Star Award = Choi Gang-hee ("Protect the Boss"), Lee Min-ho ("City Hunter"), Kim Rae-won ("Thousand Days Promise"), Lee Yo-won ("49 Days"), Jang Hyuk ("Midas"), Kim Suna ("Scent of a Woman"), Han Suk-kyu ("Deep Rooted Tree"), Lee Dong-wook ("Scent of a Woman"), Ji Sung ("Protect the Boss"), Soo-ae ("Thousand Days Promise")
▶Producer Award = Lee Yo-won ("49 Days"), Song Joong-ki ("Deep Rooted Tree")
▶Netizen Popularity Award = Lee Min-ho ("City Hunter"), Choi Gang-hee ("Protect the Boss")
▶Best Couple = Ji Sung and Choi Gang-hee ("Protect the Boss")
▶Speical Actor/Actress (Weekend Series) = Jin Tae-hyun ("Happy Maker Soon-jung")
▶Special Actor/Actress (Drama Specials)= Park Young-gyu ("Protect the Boss"), Song Ok-sook ("Deep Rooted Tree")
▶Special Actor/Actress (Special Drama) = Yoon Je-moon ("Midas"), Lee Mi-sook ("Thousand Days Promise")
▶New Star = Seo Hyo-rim ("Scent of a Woman"), Shin Hyun-bin ("The Warrior, Baek Dong-soo"), Ji Chang-wook ("The Warrior, Baek Dong-soo"), Jung Yu-mi ("Thousand Days Promise"), Wang Ji-hye ("Protect the Boss"), Jin Se-yeon ("My Daughter Ggot-nim"), Lee Jae-yoon ("My Love"), Kim Jae-joong ("Protect the Boss"), Gu Hara ("City Hunter")

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