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[REVIEW] MBC TV series "Flower, I Am" - Final Episode

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Scene from MBC TV series "Flower, Me Too" [MBC]

Scene from MBC TV series "Flower, Me Too" [MBC]

MBC TV series "Flower, I Am" - Final Episode
Bong-sun (E Ji-ah) took off the poster of the pink chicken which hugged her and sang for her in her dreams whenever she had a hard time and Hwa-young (Han Go-eun) started to receive physical therapy after acknowledging Jae-hee (Yoon Si-yoon) and Bong-sun's relationship. That too with a big smile. And what made this possible for these two, who had tried to either escape from or obsess over reality, was love. "Flower, I Am" was about people who had not known how to give nor receive love, realizing how to even if they were not been good at it and it took long. They had looked liked they were well off yet had a hole each where it went unnoticed so they overcame "the many times I hated myself" and became "a house without a draft" for themselves.

The last episode which showed the inside to houses without drafts with calm music in the background accompanied by a narration, ended without a dramatic incident which made it even more of a special happy ending. The sight of Jae-hee and Bong-sun leaning on each other's shoulders symbolized the message that the world may be a place that is one to stand up in alone but is liveable when two people lean on each other and hold hands. Of course, the drama did almost lose its virtue due to Hwa-young's excessive obsession and jealousy when she found out about Jae-hee and Bong-sun's relationship. Because it seemed that the story we thought we could relate to was becoming a story of their own. But in the latter half of the show, "Flower, I Am" explained why Hwa-young reacted in the way she did, saying that her violent language was actually a way of her expressing her loneliness. She was not a bad person, just unexperienced at love. Hence everybody can become someone's flower while learning to give and receive love and not forgetting who they really are. This may seem unrealistic but "Flower, I Am" proved this is not a wrong thesis in every way possible.

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