KBS "Ojakgyo Brothers" confirmed for 8 more episodes

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Cast of "Ojakgyo Brothers" [KBS]

KBS weekend family series "Ojakgyo Brothers," starring Joo Woo and After School's UIE, has been extended by eight more episodes, according to the major broadcaster.

An official with KBS told 10Asia on Thursday, "We decided on the extension because we needed more episodes to play out the storyline between Hwang Tae-hee (Joo Won) and his father and we want to show what will happen between Ja-eun and her father."

Originally a 50-part drama, "Ojakgyo" has raked in viewership ratings in the high 20 to 30 percentile range since first airing in early August.

"Ojakgyo Brothers," tells the story of four brothers (Jung Woong-in, Ryu Soo-young, Joo Won and Yeon Woo-jin) who are raised by their parents Hwang Chang-sik (Baek Il-sup) and Park Bok-ja (Kim Ja-ok) who own a farm outside of Seoul.

The family soon learns the secret behind their farm after Ja-eun (UIE), the daughter of Chang-sik's friend, visits the place.
With the extension, "Ojakgyo" will wrap up in mid-February of next year and follow-up drama "Look at Me Nobleman" (translated title) is scheduled to take over the weekend lineup.

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