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[INTERVIEW] Actor Park Yu-hwan

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Park Yu-hwan [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Park Yu-hwan [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

My name is Park Yu-hwan.
I was born on March 9, 1991. JYJ member Park Yu-chun is my older brother.
When I first started acting, Yu-chun gave me a lot of advice about work. He told me, 'You must not forget that you're the youngest so you need to approach people first and greet them properly as well.' I think he told me a lot about such things because he knew that I wasn't used to using the honorific form of the Korean language from having lived overseas for a long time.
In "Thousand Days Promise," I wanted to seem like the perfect younger brother. I wanted my character Moon-gwon to be the reason that his older sister, with Alzheimer's and depression, wanted to live. And I think I succeeded since people have been saying I'm the type of brother that's likely to be from outer space. [laughs]
That's why more people recognize me as actress Soo-ae's brother instead of Yu-chun's brother. And it feels good that people like the character I played but it also makes me feel like I should be sad and eat my food quietly. [laughs]
The person I clicked with the most on set was Soo-ae. We had a lot of scenes together, from beginning to end, so we became very close and I learned a lot from her. Even when the camera was shooting me, she'd immerse herself into her emotions and respond to mine so it helped me shoot my scenes with more ease.
For this drama, I acted in the way I wanted to. I didn't know anything when I worked on "Twinkle Twinkle" and "Gyebaek" so I received acting lessons and did what the director told me to but this time, my seniors left it up to me to act out my character, saying that I'm the person that would know my character best. It felt like I'd finally become a real actor.
I practice my lines at the Han River a lot. At first I started going to the river because I was too embarrassed to practice in front of my mom and it's actually become more comfortable now. I think it somehow helps me memorize better. I've even gone at midnight.
I'm the type that doesn't tan easily. My skin actually turns even more pale. When I peel, I peel here and there with some parts coming out white and other parts red. It comes back to normal in about a week but during that week... I kind of look like a zombie. [laughs] People looked at me weird when I went to the convenient store. [laughs]
I've been interested in entertainment shows ever since I was in the U.S. I watched all the episodes of SBS' "Law of the Jungle" and MBC's "Infinite Challenge" that I had missed out on after I got done with "Thousand Days Promise." I even have the calender from "Infinite Challenge." But I don't think I'd do that well if I went on entertainment shows. I'm so shy that I'd have a hard time talking and would fail at showing my goofy side. Everything that I do for the first time makes me nervous.
I'd like to try playing an arrogant character which I know doesn't suit my looks. I know that I look like a nice guy right now because of my fair skin and from playing Moon-gwon but I'd like to try filming a movie like Kim Rae-won's "Sunflower" when I get older.
I think that even tough and bad experiences are good for actors. Of course it's better not to go through such experiences but having experienced them first hand would be better than having heard about them from someone else. I may have a hard time when I'm going through such moments but I think everything gets better over time.

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