Park Ye-jin to star in Korea-China-Japan martial arts pic

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Park Ye-jin [Dabom Entertainment]

Park Ye-jin [Dabom Entertainment]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Actress Park Ye-jin has been cast as the main female character to a 3D martial arts pic to be produced jointly by Korea, China and Japan.

A press release by her agency Dabom Entertainment said on Thursday that Park will play Genghis Khan's wife Khulan in the film titled "Zhi Sha" (translated into "Stop Killing").
The film will tell of how Qiu Chuji, founder of the Dragon Gate sect of Taoism, traveled for two years at the age of 70 to convince Genghis Khan and his expeditionary force of halting slaughtering they carried out in Europe and throughout Asia during the 13th century.

Park, who will depart for China on Saturday to start filming the movie, has been learning the Mongolian language, to horseback ride and martial arts to play her role alongside the rest of the cast composed of Chinese actors Yu Shaoqun and Li Xiaoran, and Japanese actor Nakaizumi Hideo.

Chinese director Wang Ping, Japanese music director Kenji Kawai, Korean martial arts director Oh Se-young and Korean computer graphics firm Mofac Studio will work together to create the pic set for a release in the fall of 2012.
Boram Entertainment, producer of Tang Wei and Hyun Bin starrer "Late Autumn," China's Shandong Film Studio, and Japan's Tara Content will join forces to produce the 15 million dollar project.

Park, 30, has appeared in a number of films and dramas since her debut in 1999 and gained increased popularity through SBS entertainment show "Family Outing" in 2009.

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