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[REVIEW] tvN TV series "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" - 1st Episode

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Scene from tvN series "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" [tvN]

Scene from tvN series "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" [tvN]

tvN TV series "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" - Monday/Tuesday
The son of a conglomerate family goes to a school named after his family and with his pretty-faced guy friends. Yet this is not "Boys Over Flowers." The main female character, who had a crush on the main male character after getting his age wrong, sees the guy in his school uniform when she goes to the school to instruct. But this is not "Romance." The tough main female character who dreams of becoming a teacher appears in her tracksuit and glasses but this is also not "Gokusen." Hence "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" merely aired its first episode but it brought forth a number of deja vus which hindered it from solidifying its presence as "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen." And this is not just because of the appearance of a lot of familiar setups. It is because the various setups moved forward on their own, failing to show any connection with each other.

Cha Chi-soo (Jung Il-woo), who secretly returns to Korea from the U.S., runs away from the people his father has sent and while hiding in a women's bathroom, meets Yang Eun-bi (Lee Chung-ah). But he gets to stay in Korea by just acting cute in front of his dad. And it is still a mystery why Yang Eun-bi pretends to know Cha Chi-soo so well when she meets him in the school's cafeteria and even rides in his car in front of her ex-boyfriend. The reason that not all videos are dramas is because dramas contain a flow connected by scenes. But the "Cool Guys, Hot Ramen" showed yesterday was just a parade of familiar scenes and failed to create a significant single incident. So will each relationship be able to contain convincing emotions and cause-and-effect incidents once the pretty boys come together and open a ramen shop? It will have to happen unless it does not want to add "The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince" to its list of references.

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