JYJ Junsu to play Death in upcoming musical

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Main cast of musical "Das Musical ELISABETH" [EMK Musical]

Korean idol Junsu of boy band JYJ has been cast in an upcoming musical, according to its production company EMK Musical.

A press release from EMK said on Friday that Junsu will take on the role of Death in "Das Musical ELISABETH" which will begin its run at the Blue Square in Seoul starting February 9 of next year to May 13.

The role of Death will be rotated by Ryu Jung-han and Song Chang-eui while the female lead role of Elisabeth will be played by musical actress Kim Sun-young and songstress Ok Ju-hyeon.

"Das Musical ELISABETH," to be helmed by Robert Johanson, tells the life and death story of Empress consort of Austria, Elisabeth of Bavaria, wife of Franz Joseph I.

The musical has been produced by various countries including Vienna, Tokyo, Budapest, The Hague, Stuttgart and Berlin.
Junsu made his debut as a musical actor with the lead role in "Mozart" which attracted over 100,000 viewers during its month-long open. He has also played the lead in another musical "Tears in Heaven."

As a member of JYJ, Junsu and other members Jaejoong and Yuchun are currently in Europe for their first-ever concert at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain and will hold another show in Germany early next month.

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