Kim Jae-won gets into motorcycle accident

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Kim Jae-won [MBC]

Actor Kim Jae-won has gotten into a motorcycle accident while filming his upcoming TV series co-starring actress E Ji-ah.

An official with Kim's agency Dazzle Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone on Tuesday that Kim "felt a pain to his shoulder" while shooting a scene for MBC drama "Flower, Me Too" (tentative title) which caused the bike to fall over.

Kim is now in the hospital getting a thorough examination and will decide on whether to return to the show's set depending on its results, the official added.

"Flower," set to air in early November after current series "Hate to Lose" finishes its run, is Kim's first acting role after "Listen to My Heart" from earlier this year which was his first small screen role in over four years.

Before that, he appeared in TV series "Hwang Jini" after which he entered the military in 2009 to fulfill the two-year duty required of all Korean men.
Kim made his debut in 2001 in the SBS sitcom "Honey Honey" and rose to fame through MBC's romantic drama "Romance" alongside actress Kim Ha-neul.

He has since starred in other TV series “Rival” (SBS, 2002), “My Darling Patzzi” (MBC, 2002) and “Wonderful Life” (MBC, 2005) and also in comic romance film “100 Days With Mr. Arrogant” (2004) with actress Ha Ji-won.

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