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Shin Se-gyeong [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

"I don't think watching comedies is the remedy to when you're having a hard time. Sad movies are sometimes more consoling." Such a remark, likely to be made by someone who has been through every hardship in life, was said very calmly by the 21-year-old Shin Se-gyeong. And this was even more surprising given that she would answer every question she was asked without hesitation while gazing straight into the eyes of the questioner. But it was due to her having halted her acting career in high school to live her life as an ordinary high school student who likes music and movies that she was able to experience the various emotions that one needs to as an actor which made it possible for her to have more diverse expressions than other actors her age. And in that sense, it is only natural that Shin wanted to be in movie "Hindsight" where she had to play the role of Se-bin who doesn't know if she feels love, friendship or sympathy for Du-heon (played by Song Kang-ho) that she has to kill. She even confessed several times during her brief interview with 10Asia that she "really wanted to do 'Hindsight'." Below are excerpts from the interview.

Like you just said, Se-bin and Du-heon weren't just in love and there's a huge age difference between the two. So what relationship did you see them as being in then?
: At first, I too thought, 'What is this if this isn't love?' but I think they're in a relationship where they console each other. It's hard to explain in words but sort of a relationship where they'd console each other, then realize their similarities, and sympathize with the other. I think the comical aspects Song Kang-ho has made the movie more heartrending.

“Having worked with a lot of senior actors makes a big difference.”

Shin Se-gyeong [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]
It was important that you held your ground and not cower against your scene partner because Se-bin was constantly spying on Du-heon and looking for the time to aim her gun at him. How was it acting with actor Song Kang-ho in that sense, who is over 20 years older than you?
: He was an actor with great energy on set. And at first I was worried that my shortcomings would stand out even more. But Song always thinks of the movie as a whole and he knows that a scene will look good only when he communes with his scene partner. That's why he always led me instead of going alone. He's a warm person. And I can't tell you how relieved I am about that. After finishing filming "Hindsight," I've almost habitually watched his movies "The Show Must Go On" and "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" whenever I miss him.

You worked with actors in a wide-range of ages while filming "High Kick 2" for six months. Has such experience helped you with filming "Hindsight"?
: It definitely has in a certain way. I think I would've cowered much more if I had met Song without working on "High Kick 2." Having worked with a lot of senior actors makes a big difference. I realized why it's important that the less experienced actor approaches the experienced actors and why that'll make them see us in a good way, rather than having acquired the skills to treat adults better.

Would you say you're good at forming such relationships then?
: I used to be much more calm and liked to be alone to think about things when I was in school but I've become very cheerful after becoming an actress. I think I changed because I'm always around people and have to work with them but I'm very happy. It's a huge gain for me.
Shin Se-gyeong [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]
Since you took on "Hindsight" that you took it on although you knew it would be a difficult project beyond your capabilities, what do you think you'll have gained from it as an actor?
: I really didn't have such expectations for it in the beginning... I started with pure passion for it. But I've realized that there have been many things I have subtly learned and acquired while receiving help from my senior actors and resolving the concerns I had. They're things that I wouldn't be able to buy for any amount of cash. I definitely think I haven't suffered in vain.

You're also scene partners with actor Han Suk-kyu in "A Tree with Deep Roots" who is 26 years older than you. How has it been acting with him?
: I don't know about him too well because it hasn't been that long since we've gone into shoot but I get the feeling that he's a very gentle and right-minded person.

You'll play the role of a court lady who suffers from aphasia after her parents got murdered. How are you going about with this?
: She's someone who has a lot to deliver through words but has been seized of the ability to. I actually wanted a few movies with mutes but they all expressed themselves differently depending on their personalities so they weren't much help. (laugh) I'm trying to talk to the director a lot during the beginning phases so we can adjust our opinions on how I should express her. I know it's going to be difficult to but I'm sure I'll find enlightenment if I pull this off.

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