Joo Won got same feeling from "Bread" for new TV series

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Main cast and director pose during the press conference for upcoming KBS weekend series "Ohjakgyo Brothers" held in Seoul, South Korea on August 2, 2011. [KBS]

Korean actor Joo Won has said the script for his new TV series gave him a feeling that was similar to what he felt from his past smash-hit drama "Bread, Love and Dreams."

He made the remark during a press conference held in Seoul on Tuesday for his upcoming family drama "Ohjakgyo Brothers (translated title)” while explaining his reason to why he chose to take on the show.

"I decided on 'Ohjakgyo' because I felt this vibe which was similar to what I got from 'Bread,'" Joo Won said. "Another similarity is that every character is very different, just like in 'Bread.'"

"Bread, Love and Dreams," also starring actor Yoon Si-yoon, was Joo Won's first small screen role which instantly gained him wide recognition due to its popularity proven by its viewership rating reaching over 50 percent.

The 2010 series, telling of a young man's dream to become a baker, too had depicted on a wide range of characters from different backgrounds and with different jobs.
"Another important factor was that my character Hwang Tae-hee has many appealing characteristics. He appears to be haggard and masculine when it comes to his job as a detective but becomes very childlike when he is in front of his parents or grandmother."

"Ohjakgyo" being a long-term family series, 50-episodes long, also drew Joo Won to the series. "I am really looking forward to how things will turn out since the series will run for a long time... I felt so sad after 'Bread' ended after 30 episodes because I had become so close with everyone."

"Ohjakgyo Brothers," written by scenarist Lee Jung-sun and helmed by Ki Min-soo, tells the story of four brothers (Jung Woong-in, Ryu Soo-young, Joo Won and Yeon Woo-jin) who are raised by their parents Hwang Chang-sik (Baek Il-sup) and Park Bok-ja (Kim Ja-ok) who own a farm outside of Seoul.

The family soon learns the secret behind their farm after Baek Ja-eun (UIE), the daughter of Chang-sik's friend, visits the place. "Ohjakgyo Brothers" will begin its run starting August 6.

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