Kwon Sang-woo says enjoyed "Pain"

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Actor Kwon Sang-woo speaks at the press conference for his film "Pain" held in Seoul, South Korea on July 21, 2011. [Chukje Films]

Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo has said he enjoyed getting beaten up for his role in his upcoming movie.

He made the remark in Seoul on Thursday at a press conference for his movie "Pain," while speaking about his character Nam-soon who is unable to feel any pain due to the aftereffects of a car accident that killed everyone in his family except him.

"We couldn't fake any of the [fighting] scenes because it would show on the big screen so big so I got beaten up a lot but it was actually a lot of fun," Kwon said.

He then added, "It probably would have been more painful if I didn't like the process [of how the movie was shot] or I felt uncomfortable on set. But I have confidence in our movie and Kwan Kyung-taek did such a great job in directing," Kwon explained.

He also said that it felt like he was doing a good job whenever he saw how hurt he looked on the monitor after shooting the scenes.
In "Pain," Nam-soon (Kwon) lives a lonely life until he meets Dong-hyun (played by actress Jung Ryeo-won) one day who is a hemophiliac and can feel pain easily. The two begin to get to know each other, while Nam-soon slowly learns that even a person like him can fall in love.

"Pain," originally an online cartoon by Kangfull and helmed by famed director Kwak Kyung-taek, will open in local theaters over the Korean Thanksgiving holidays.

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