Park Sol-mi and Han Jae-suk dating

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Park Sol-mi (left) and Han Jae-seok [Dabom Entertainment/Exerion Entertainment]

Actress Park Sol-mi has admitted to dating actor Han Jae-suk, confirming recent rumor on the two's relationship.

Through a phone call with 10Asia, an official at Dabom said on Friday, "I checked with Park herself over the phone and she said she started dating Han Jae-suk about a month ago."

However, the two have not been together long enough to consider marriage, the official added, addressing speculation of them possibly tying the knot as well.

Talk that the two are an item first surfaced last year, around the time they wrapped up their drama "The Great Merchant" (KBS, 2010) which they co-starred in, but denied the rumor at the time.

Park, 33, debuted in 2001 through a TV series and has since played a number of films and dramas including in "Winter Sonata" (KBS, 2002), "All In" (SBS, 2003) and "Style" (SBS, 2009).
Born Han Sang-woo, Han, 37, has starred in a score of TV series including "Four Sisters (MBC, 2001)," "Glass Slipper (SBS, 2002)," "Lobbyist (SBS, 2007)."

He is currently filming a movie tentatively titled "Hit" alongside actress Honey Lee while his Hong Kong film "Speed Angel," co-starring Tang Wei and Cecilia Cheung, is set for release in August.

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