Kim Suna, Lee Dong-wook and Um Ki-joon cast in new drama

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Starting from left: Kim Suna [King Kong Entertainment]/Um Ki-jooon [KBS]/ Lee Dong-wook [KBS ]

Starting from left: Kim Suna [King Kong Entertainment]/Um Ki-jooon [KBS]/ Lee Dong-wook [KBS ]

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Actors Kim Suna, Lee Dong-wook and Um Ki-joon have been cast in a new drama.

Kim, Lee and Um will star in a new SBS weekend drama tentatively titled “Scent Of A Woman,” a romantic comedy helmed by director Park Hyung-gi and written by scenarist Noh Ji-seol.
Kim will take on the role of the female lead named Lee Yeon-jae, an old maid, who after slaving herself at a travel agency for many years, finally decides to search for her own happiness by taking off overseas. The drama will depict on the various incidents Yeon-jae faces afterwards.

“I couldn’t think of anyone but Kim Suna as the lead when I wrote this. She was the first on the casting list and I’m glad she agreed to the role. She has been very passionate about the drama, offering ideas of her own, seemingly preparing as much as me,” said scenarist Noh.

Um will play doctor Choi, who was Yeon-jae’s classmate in elementary school that runs into her at a hospital to become her friend and supporter later.
As for Lee Dong-wook, his agency Jump Entertainment explained that he will appear as the son of the travel agency's CEO and will take part in the shooting as soon as he is discharged from his mandatory military service on June 20.

“The drama will be on one of the biggest scales you'll have seen a romantic comedy be in, being shot against the backdrop of a number of luxurious resorts overseas,” said the production team. “We plan to make viewers happy from just watching the show.”

“Scent Of A Woman” is scheduled to go on air on July 16, after the ongoing series “New Gisaeng Story” finishes its run.

Kim, 35, rose to stardom with the 2005 drama “My Name Is Sam-soon,” and has since starred in many other romantic series including “When It’s At Night” (MBC, 2008) and “City Hall” (SBS, 2009) as well as lead roles in films “She’s On Duty” (2005), “S Diary” (2004) and “Reversal of Fortune” (2003).

Um, 35 as well, debuted in 1995 through theater play “Richard III” and has since starred in various big and small roles in TV series such as “Kimchi Cheese Smile” (2007), “Worlds Within” (KBS, 2008) and most recently as a school teacher to a teen drama “Dream High” (KBS, 2011).

He has also played the main supporting roles for films such as “Man of Vendetta” (2010), “Villain and Widow” and “Finding Mr. Destiny” (2010) and starred in major musical productions including “The Three Musketeers” and “Jack the Ripper.”

Lee, 29, debuted in 1999 and has since starred in TV series “Partner” (KBS, 2009) “My Girl” (SBS, 2005), “Wooden Carousel” (2003) and “The Land of Wine” (SBS, 2003) as well as films “A Bittersweet Life” (2008), “The Perfect Couple” (2007) and “Arang” (2006).

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