On the set of KBS TV series "White Christmas'

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Main casts from KBS Drama Special "White Christmas" [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

One of Jae-kyu’s (Hong Jong-hyun) eyes is swollen and plastered with dried up blood and Chi-hoon (Sung Jun) has a splint on his shin. Who did that to them? Is it the killer Kim Yo-han (Kim Sang-gyung)? Cho Young-jae (Kim Young-gwang) the 'Idiot'? Kang Mir (Kim Hyun-joong) the 'Crazy Mir'? Surely not... Park Moo-yeol (Baek Seong-hyun) voted the most eligible son-in-law-to-be among school parents -- or is it? Every cut may be a spoiler but this was the set for the seventh episode of KBS Drama Special “White Christmas” where there is a wide possibility for everything. Kim Sang-gyung, thoroughly exhausted from having to take part in the shoot in Suwon city for the show as soon as he got done filming his scenes in the Gangwon Province, jokingly threatens, “I am definitely going collapse after this one scene.” but to no avail. “But then this drama will end,” a member of the crew says to which director Kim Yong-soo in a lukewarm manner remarks, “If it’s Kim Yo-han, he would probably say ‘I won…’ before he does that,” making him burst into laughter.

During the short break after shooting the scene of confrontation in a narrow and dark dormitory, Kim Young-gwang and Esom (real name: Lee So-young) who fights like cats and dogs within the drama, sit next to each other for a pleasant conversation. Kim Hyun-joong, with fiery red hair that could be noticed from even a mile away, sneaks upon Kim Young-gwang to launch a headlock on him for fun. Of course, unlike in the drama where “Cho the Idiot” is no match for “Crazy Mir,” it is a close fight for the two. Then Kim Hyun-joong turns into “Cute Mir,” passing out his Vitamin D to people around them. The filming goes on till dawn but as long as you can stay with these adorable students at Sooshin High School, the deep snow that reaches your thigh and the set filled with smoky air, can match the runway filled with fashion models.

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