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[PREVIEW] KBS TV series "Detectives in Trouble" - 1st Episode

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KBS series "Detectives in Trouble" [KBS]

KBS series "Detectives in Trouble" [KBS]

"Detectives in Trouble" KBS2TV Mon-Tue 9:55 PM

A detective busily chasing after a criminal bumps into a woman. He briefly apologizes and continues to chase after the criminal. That was what the first scene was like in the new MBC series “Detectives in Trouble” -- as plain as just about any police and cop drama out there. Unfortunately the entire episode was like that till the end. Investigator Park Sae-hyuk (played by Song Il-gook) who is short-tempered and not too friendly in character but good at catching criminals, became a cop after witnessing the death of his daughter during the confrontation between a police force and criminal five years ago. Cho Min-joo (Song Ji-hyo), an intern reporter who continues to get in trouble trying to do things she is not good at, ends up getting entangled in another crime related to Sae-hyuk. With the introduction of other main characters including Jeong Il-do (Lee Jong-hyuk), in charge of the same crime scene five years ago and is partly responsible for the death of Sae-hyuk’s daughter, arriving as the new head of the police division where Sae-hyuk works and Lee Dong-suk (Lee Min-woo) who turned into a criminal to seek revenge as well after losing his fiancee, all the main events that will play a pivotal role in the story were called from the past to the present in the first episode.

Although the setting of Sae-hyuk and Lee Dong-suk -- one who chose to become a cop and the other, a criminal after going through a similar tragic event -- has been arranged well enough to seem like reversed images in a mirror to show the confrontation between good against evil, “Detectives in Trouble” at the same time wasted an entire episode into showing their pasts only, thus bringing out the most important confrontation of the story, a bit too early. Such imbalance of strength within the drama made the police station, the main setting of the drama which is supposed to be portrayed with feelings of action and enthusiasm, look like any other police station. It has only been just one episode yet with no new items nor energy to be found and revealing itself to be a bore, “Detectives in Trouble” seems to be in desperate need of something else to kickstart the drama again.

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