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[REVIEW] SBS drama “Midas” 1st Episode

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SBS drama "Midas" [SBS]

SBS drama "Midas" [SBS]

SBS series “Midas” Mon-Tue 9:55 PM
“Midas,” which described the values and surroundings of each of the three main leads Kim Do-hyun (played by Jang Hyuk), Yoo In-hye (Km Hee-ae) and Lee Jung-yeon (Lee Min-jung) by opening its first episode by quietly skimming over the setting they are in, let the three meet only by the time it reached its last scene. The tempo of the drama was slow given it is supposed to be about people's desires regarding money and ambitions but it was necessary to provide a thorough description to show the dramatic transformation Do-hyun will go through to become increasingly corrupted, as he takes care of Yoo Pil-sang’s (Kim Sang-gyeom) vast fortune.

The character of In-hye, the eldest daughter of the Yoo family, can be defined by her remark “money and wealth is not at fault but rather, this society that has a distorted perception of the two" and Jung-yeon's by her job as a nurse. But while Do-hyun may be acknowledged as "a genius who interprets law creatively" within his industry, he is also a warm romantist who would sing a trot song at the top of his voice to win the heart of his future father-in-law and prepare a surprise proposal for his girlfriend Jung-yeon’s birthday. However In-hye’s earlier words, "Ugly greed is all that will remain once money overpowers the law," will forwarn Do-hyun of his future as well as serve as the preview to the world that the drama will portray as a whole. Do-hyun, who used to think of money as simply the tool that will grant his wish of "going on a ride in a new car in full-speed with the woman I love," is ready to enter In-hye's world where 'money is power.'

This drama, which will portray the fierce competition money and law -- the two main elements for power -- is showing the possibility of becoming an interesting line-up alongside SBS drama “Sign” (SBS) in the Wednesdays and Thursdays primetime slot that shows the sharp confrontation between truth and power.

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