Actor Ha Jung-woo to hold 3rd art exhibition

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Ha Jung-woo's art [N.O.A. Entertainment]

Ha Jung-woo's art [N.O.A. Entertainment]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

Actor Ha Jung-woo is set to launch his third art exhibition in downtown Seoul next month, informed his agency N.O.A. Entertainment on Thursday.

According to a press release by N.O.A., actor Ha will open a personal art exhibition at Insa Art Center in Seoul from March 9 to 15.
The main theme of his latest art exhibition will be circus clowns drawn with oil crayons on wooden boards shown in simple and bold colors composed of mostly yellow, red and blue.

“I feel there is a connection between pierrots and my career as an actor. Every time I had a break while shooting a film, I'd indulge myself in drawing my pierrots, trying to capture the characteristics of actors that crossed by my mind while shooting the film as realistically as possible. It’s my third exhibition yet I feel new and nervous every time I open a new one,” Ha was quoted as saying in the statement.

After the exhibition in Seoul, Ha work will be displayed at Dongwon Art Gallery in Daegu city from March 18 to 31.
Ha, whose real name is Kim Sung-hoon, is the son of veteran Korean actor Kim Yong-gun. He first gained recognition appearing in several television dramas including "Lovers in Prague" (SBS, 2005) and "H.I.T." (MBC, 2007) alongside top Korean actress Ko Hyun-joung.

He rose to stardom after playing a serial killer in suspense thriller pic "The Chaser" (2008) and solidified his movie star status with "Take Off" (2009), which became one of the most-watched films in Korean box office history. His also recently starred in “The Yellow Sea” (2010) a film of murderous chase between three men.

Ha Jung-woo's art [N.O.A. Entertainment]

Ha Jung-woo's art [N.O.A. Entertainment]

썝蹂몃낫湲 븘씠肄

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