On the set of "KBS Drama Special: Pianist"

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From left, actress Han Ji-hye and SHINee member Minho shoot a scene for "KBS Drama Special: Pianist" at Incheon, South Korea on November 18, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

"200 SHINee fans follow us around so it's really hard to shoot the drama." Well, 200 may be an exaggeration. But then again, of course there will be fans wherever Minho goes. That is why we expected the set of "KBS Drama Special: Pianist" to be somewhat hectic but luckily, the Eulwangri Beach in the Jung-gu district of Incheon, where the shoot was well under way, was peaceful. It may have been because his female fans were tied down at school with filming taking place on a weekday afternoon. Instead, it was middle-aged women who got to enjoy the sight in front of their eyes while blurting out remarks such as "I might freeze to death while taking these photos" or "My, isn't he handsome" while pressing down on the shutter of their cameras. And as if she had already become used to it, actress Han Ji-hye silently kept her eyes fixed on the sandy beach, repeatedly drawing and erasing two circles with a twig while Minho gazed at her intently.

After several such attempts, what gets completed is the infinite sign (∞). In-sa (Han Ji-hye), who early into her life gave up on the dream of becoming a pianist and is a part-time instructor, says to aspiring pianist yet piano tuner Je-ro (Minho), "This is the infinite sign. It's the same as your name. You're living a special life, Je-ro." And the moment that picture which looks like it will so easily get washed away by the waves takes place in Je-ro's heart, the two's relationship deepens. In that sense, the beach has special meaning for Minho who is making his acting debut through the last episode of KBS' single-episode series. After the two characters meet by chance, Insa starts to smile again and Je-ro heads closer to achieving his dream. "Pianist" will air at 11:15 p.m. on November 27.

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