[INTERVIEW] Korean actor Lee Min-ho

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Interview with Korean actor Lee Min-ho

My name is Lee Min-ho.
I had considered using a stage name because many people confuse me with the other actor Lee Min-ho. My parents disapprove of that idea though and say that I should work harder instead of changing my name and taking a step backwards. So I'm just going to work hard and live with my name. (laugh)
I was born on June 28, 1993. My co-stars Seo Shin-ae and Kim Yoo-jeong asked what I wanted for my birthday this year. I couldn't ask them to buy me a present because I am older than them, so I instead told them to write me a letter. They each gave me a handwritten letter, chocolates and a foam cleanser. I was so thankful.
I am a junior at Paikyang High School. It's a co-ed school and I sit next to a girl. Most people might think I am popular but I'm actually not. At first, my classmates were fascinated with me but we all became friends once we got to know each other.
The first scene that I shot for "Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho" (Gumiho) was when my character Jung-kyu and Yeon-yi (played by Kim Yoo-jeong) gets attacked by a flock of birds at a barley field in Gochang-gun located in the North Jeolla Province. It was awkward because Yoo-jeong and I were still getting to know each other and it was really uncomfortable watching the scene because we were staring at a blank blue screen and yelling "Run!" before the CG (computer generated) effects. And the director kept saying "Try to put on a wider smile and look at her in a loving way." (laugh) Yoo-jeong and I have become close ever since because we film together all day.
I was bombarded with text messages from my classmates when the kissing scene between Yoo-jeong and Jung-kyu went on air. I received messages like "You bad guy, Dog!" and Internet comments said things like, "Oh you bad boy, how can you do that to an elementary school student!" But Yoo-jeong has already shot a kissing scene before while this was my first...
My co-star Kim Yoo-jeong is actually a chic girl. I bought these magic trick kits when I was in middle school because I liked magic and I showed Yoo-jeong a simple magic trick with chopsticks when we first met over a meal. It would have been nice if her reaction was "Oh wow oppa [word used by younger girls to call an older guy] that is so amazing!"... I think Yoo-jeong was fascinated on the inside but just didn't show it. Her reaction was "Eh, what is that? Give it to me! " Yoo-jeong is very chic!
And one day, My other co-star Shin-ae comes over and asked "Oppa, why do you only talk with Yoo-jeong and not play with me?" It is because Jung-kyu and Yeon-yi have a lot of scenes together but I decided I should treat Shin-ae a lot better if I made her feel that way.
There is a scene where Jung-kyu leaves Yeon-yi when she turned into a nine tailed fox. I wanted to show a twist to the story and just fled the scene like I was running away but I kind of regret it because I received many comments like "You bad boy! How can you run away from such a cute fox like her? Poor Yeon-yi!" (laugh) I don't know what is going to happen in the end but I just hope I look cool when Jung-kyu becomes the victim because of Yeon-yi...
After 6th grade, I grew 16 centimeters in one year. Right now I'm 175 centimeters tall but my goal is to be at least 180 centimeters. I'm a bit worried because it doesn't seem like I'm getting taller but I've been told that guys grow even until they enter the military. (laugh)
It was so much fun shooting "Magic Fighter: Mir & Gaon" with fellow actor Yoo Seung-ho. Every day I thought about the fun things we should do on set. When we first started shooting we were all young and after a year we changed. We grew taller and hit puberty.
I used to be able to run 50 meters in six and a half seconds but it rose by a few seconds after I entered high school. I thought to myself "Oh, is it because I'm older?" but fortunately enough, I was chosen as the class representative for the relay race and for soccer.
I love soccer to the point where I wanted to become a soccer player. I was in a soccer club when I was in middle school and I received the top scorer award. I think I scored 10 goals during about 9 or 10 games.
You can't really call it action but in "Gumiho," there are scenes where I practice with swords or I roughly drag around Yeon-yi in a manly way. The director gave me compliments saying "Our action star did a great job!" (laugh)
I love to bring atmospheres to life so I'm the type that overreacts and give big reactions when I'm with my friends or singing karaoke. I make jokes that don't make sense but they end up becoming empty jokes. My friends start to curse at me once the mood dies out. (laugh) Someone once told me that I should try out my jokes on a variety program...
I would like to appear on a variety show one day. I think it will be fun to be on "One Night, Two Days" or a talk show like "Steel Heart" or "World Changing Quiz." I don't think I will have anything to talk about on "Steel Heart" though, since I'm still too young…
If I was given a chance to become a singer, I want to be a part of a group. I think by living together we can make up for the aspects that the other person lacks in. Of course it will be sad to be living away from my parents but it will fun to form a new family. How many members? I think five would be just the right number.
My role models are actors Song Kang-ho and Kim Yun-seok. I am still far from being like them but when I see them act, I just love how comfortably they do it, as if it’s part of their everyday life.
If I had to choose just one female celebrity that I like, it would have to be singer IU! She's pretty and sings really well. I visited her personal homepage and I felt that she is really kind and considerate to all her fans. This is the first time talking about this going to be written in the interview? Oh no, what do I do!!!

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