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[JIMFF] Kim Chang-wan says "no need for tech for hearts to interact"

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Singer and actor Kim Chang-wan [Lee Won-woo/10Asia]

There is probably nobody better suited than Kim Chang-wan to act as a bridge between music and cinema. That is probably also why he was chosen for the trailer of the 6th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. “I like artists who believe in the power of music, people who don’t stand proud in front of music, people who are willing to become slaves to their music. I don’t like people who say they want to become the king of music. And it’s the same with movies. The reason I have high regard for director Hur Jin-ho as well is probably because he sincerely hopes for films to evolve and develop by themselves.”

Their experience in working together for play “Nap,” led to their collaboration for the trailer, and after a day’s worth of shooting under the hot sun, they were able to create a poem for the audience gathered around Cheongpung Lake. “I thought it would be great to be like Johnny Depp from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ I decided on the look on impulse when I got to the set. I had my hair look like I’d been in an explosion, drew a musical note on my earflap and ah! I drew the tattoo myself. (laugh)” In the one-minute four-second long trailer which will be repeated numerous times during the week-long fest, Kim Chang-wan appears as a rocker who is more absorbed in fishing up not fish but musical notes.

“With silent films, I feel sort of a pure love. I’m very very excited about ‘The General’ in particular which will be shown at the Cinema Concert program. When I look at Buster Keaton who puts on action sequences in a train that even Jackie Chan wouldn’t be able to do, I realize how limited people’s imagination are these days. I think people may have become too obsessed with ‘simulated reality.’ It’s disappointing to see that films are evolving not for the power that films have in themselves but the power of ideas.”

And while talking about films and music, he suddenly clasped the interviewer’s hand. “It’s warm, right? You don’t need complex technology for hearts to interact. Technological development is of course exciting. But it doesn’t come close to holding someone’s hands, looking at each other, and exchanging warm words.” This was the moment where his words became music and poetry, enveloping my heart with warmth. That is the power of music. That is the power of cinema. No, that is the power of Kim Chang-wan.

Director Hur Jin-ho [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

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