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[INTERVIEW] Actor Won Bin - Part 2

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Won Bin [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

10: How did you feel about there being almost no change to his expression? And him saying very few lines? He showed most of his emotions through his eyes.
Won Bin: I think it's inevitable that someone who hasn't been outside for three years would become quiet. He hadn't spoken to anyone and must've held a great amount of grief in his heart. Hence I thought that it was only natural that there would be little change to his expression because of who he is.

10: Wasn't it difficult trying to express your emotions through subtle expressions or looks?
Won Bin: It was but that was what was more appealing. I think the sadness he felt in his heart was delivered more effectively because he kept himself from saying useless things by pushing down his emotions rather than expressing himself through exaggerated expressions or shouting out loud. That's why I said my lines in a low tone and cut the words short. Because he is someone who is making conversation for the first time in several years.

10: You too are seen by many people as the type that doesn't talk a lot. Do you think you're similar to Tae-shik in that sense?
Won Bin: Every role I have played has been similar to me in some way or another and it was the same with Tae-shik too. Well, rather than being similar... Spending time alone? (laugh)

10: Do you feel more comfortable spending time alone? (laugh)
Won Bin: I don't always spend time alone (laugh) but I think that's how people see me.

10: What do you do when you're alone?
Won Bin: I draw or take photographs. That's my lone time and that's when I feel that most comfortable. I like doing things with other people too but I also need time to do my own things. Drawing stabilizes me emotionally when my mind is tangled.
10: I think people may feel distant from you because you mainly appear in movies so that makes you more difficult to approach. It's not like we get to see you often either.
Won Bin: Isn't that the case with everyone else too? (laugh) I actually do wish I could meet everyone more often through more acting roles. But some movies get released two years after they've been filmed -- even with "The Man from Nowhere," I decided to do it two months after I got done shooting "Mother" but it took a year to get released. That's why people may feel a distance from me but it's also that it has taken a long time for some of my work to reach the audience. I actually do want to take things slowly though.

10: Well it doesn't seem like you're impatient.
Won Bin: It would be good to show the audience many sides to me in a short time but I'm going to stay an actor for a long time. So I think it would be good to accumulate gradually [on experience].

10: Has such an attitude had an influence on your decision to take on "Mother"? It ended up being a good choice but it could've also ended up being an irrational decision.
Won Bin: I felt reassured becaused I could depend on director Bong Joon-ho and Kim Hye-ja and I thought there would be something I could show through the movie. Before "The Man from Nowhere," people saw me as the roles I had played before, for example, many roles that I was offered were ones where I had a soft-hearted image. But I chose "Mother" because he recommended it to me seeing the possibilities I had. I wanted to go for it with the mindset that I'm taking on a new challenge.

10: What do you think you gained as an actor through "Mother"?
Won Bin: I was extremely nervous while filming "Mother" but I also felt a sense of freedom at the same time. I think I was able to become more familiar with acting and stand in front of the camera more comfortably while feeling that I'm having more fun.

10: It wasn't fun from the start?
Won Bin: I still don't think it's fun. It's difficult rather than being fun. But I think I keep doing this because of the disappointment. I keep thinking that I could probably do better in some way with my next role. Of course, I do feel catharsis from acting. I feel a joy from that and tell myself that I want to do better next time.

10: Where do you think you felt catharsis with "The Man from Nowhere"?
Won Bin: I think I'll become sure of it when I see how the audience responds.

10: Have you ever watched it with the audience in the theater?
Won Bin: I couldn't because of the stage greetings. And it's difficult to watch movies with them because I don't have enough time to when a movie is being released. And it somehow still feels awkward to watch my own movie in a theater.

10: What sort of movies do you like to watch as an audience?
Won Bin: I'm not picky when it comes to genres. And I don't think I should be, since I'm an actor. I try to act in as many genres as possible.

10: Then do you have a picture for what kind of actor you want to be in the future?
Won Bin: I just work hard. It's my desire to do my best to make the best movie possible so that I don't regret it, and if the results are good, I hope to become an actor that someone wants to become like in the future.

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