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[INTERVIEW] Actor Won Bin - Part 3

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Won Bin [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]
10: Then you must be that much more cautious about choosing new roles. What do you consider most important when choosing a role?
Won Bin: The first thing is that the scenario has to be strong and it's also important what story it tells within it. And it was never on purpose but I think the roles I've played till now have been humane. They have always had an affinity for other people. I think it's the case for "The Man from Nowhere" too, containing a form of love between a man and a child, so I wonder whether I would've taken on the movie if there wasn't such form of communication.

10: Are you saying that how your character communicates is more important than the action?
Won Bin: The action is important as well but both I and the director don't think it's more important. You can't move a person's heart with just the action. I felt that the action scenes would be convincing only when my character's emotions are delivered to the audience so that's what I focused on.

10: Is that why you wanted to take on "The Man from Nowhere"? The 'man' was supposed to be an older guy in the original scenario but I heard that you explained to the director why you wanted to play the role.
Won Bin: I first read the script without having any other information about it because I became curious of why it was named "The Man from Nowhere." I had thought it would be about someone who has lived a good amount of his life and would have been through a lot. But when I opened the script, I realized he wasn't the man I had imagined him to be. I became extremely attracted to him, thinking that he's very cool. Nothing other than his age changed about him, neither his lines nor the action sequences because I got cast for the role. I wouldn't have done the movie if he was an old guy who just puts on cool action moves and had no pain.

10: But unlike in your previous works, you play a huge role in "The Man from Nowhere," to the extent that it could be called absolute. Did you feel any pressure in having to lead on a whole movie?
Won Bin: I didn't feel too much pressure about that when we were filming because it was the first time I was experiencing this. I had never been in a movie where I was so busy that all I thought about was that I should resolve the situation that has been placed in front of me as quickly as I can. I didn't have time to feel any sort of pressure. The director told me I could have a hard time having to do this sort of movie alone but I forgot about it, telling myself that I've acted in other movies before so how hard could it get? (laugh) But I had actually been trying not to accept it because I knew the product wouldn't be good if I let the pressure get to me. I only realized what he had meant after we finished filming the movie.

10: But it doesn't seem like you're ambitious to become more popular or anything of the sort. It's not like you're interested in building a career overseas.
Won Bin: I think it would be good to be give such an opportunity as an actor. I've never had the opportunity to, rather than not being interested. (laugh) I'm actually not the aggressive type. I'm rather the type that does his best at what he's been given.
10: Is that your personality?
Won Bin: I have not been that type who takes the first step in doing something. I think I've always felt a big responsibility in having to do the best I can with what has been handed to me, that I shouldn't let people down. I think a lot that I should do well at what I'm in charge of.

10: Then do you think your personality has had an effect on the path you've taken till now? It feels as if you create an image for yourself through your choices.
Won Bin: That's not true. Just because I took on the role that I did in "Mother," I didn't think beforehand that I should take on a role like I did in "The Man from Nowhere." I'm actually not picky about anything. I just go with whatever touches my heart so what role I play isn't important. What's important for actors is how well they do on a stage that has been created for them and what stage it is, along with being able to act with freedom within that stage.

10: But you can't always take to a stage that you like. For example, you look more comfortable making fun of director Bong Joon-ho in a commercial for a beer. (laugh)
Won Bin: I'm sorry director. (laugh)

10: But it seems that people want to see more of the Won Bin from the recent coffee commercial. Do you ever worry about this?
Won Bin: What they want to see and what I want to show them... Maybe "The Man from Nowhere" is where that point meets?

10: I think that's right. In that sense, it seems that "The Man from Nowhere" is a movie that is important for you timing-wise and it also seems like you take control of the roles you play.
Won Bin: I'd be thankful to be regarded in that way. I think it was even more possible because of "Mother"?

10: What kind of person do you regard yourself as?
Won Bin: I try to devote myself to the moment that I'm in as best as I can. Because it's a time that doesn't come back and you can't go back to it once you've passed it... Of course, there are going to be moments I look back on and regret but I want to live it so that I don't regret it as much as possible.

10: You don't have any regrets?
Won Bin: It wouldn't make any difference even if I did. The best thing is to be able to live every moment and hope there won't be too much that I regret about that moment. Of course there'll be things I regret but I want to minimize that.

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