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[INTERVIEW] Korean actress Sim Eun-kyung

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Interview with actress Sim Eun-kyung

Korean actress Sim Eun-kyung [10Asia/Lee Jin-hyuk]
My name is Sim Eun-kyung.
I was born on May 31, 1994. I am a freshman in high school and I just finished taking my finals a few days ago. My summer vacation starts this week.
I have an older brother who is five years older than me. He entered the military in June and I'm thinking about sending him actress Han Ga-in's signature because he told me that the soldiers really like female celebrities.
The things that girls my age are interested in are BB cream, make-up and idol groups. Oh, and the curling iron. But I think people my age look so much prettier without make-up. Whenever I see people my age with white faces and red lips, I think 'that person is wearing too much...'
My friends were really curious when I was acting in MBC’s “Hilarious Housewives” alongside a real idol like Taemin from SHINee and it was interesting to see how so many people would flock to the set to watch. Taemin said he was interested in acting and so I got him a book on acting for his birthday, which he really liked.
I lost some weight this year. When I saw myself on TV, I noticed that I look like a middle-aged woman when I was standing between actress Han Bo-bae and Taemin in "Hilarious Housewives" because both of them are so skinny! All I can think was 'Ah, that's just not right.' And I had a strenuous time while shooting KBS' "The Great Merchant" that I lost four kilograms, then lost a bit more because I controlled what I ate. I wish I was a bit taller because I'm about 160 to 161 centimeters tall but I don't stress out about it.
There is a scene in SBS' "Bad Boy" where Won-in [my character] secretly drinks beer but I put down it down because Han Ga-in told me not to drink it since it might get censored. However, the director told me to drink they filled the beer can with water and I drank it. I've only had sips of alcohol at get-togethers -- I've never actually drank the whole thing like that before. (laugh)
My character’s name is Kim Yuna for the upcoming film tentatively titled “Quiz King” helmed by director Jang Jin. When director Jang gave us the scenario for the movie, he told us to come up with our own names for our characters. I discussed it with the female staff members of "The Great Merchant" and [decided on the name] since figure skater Kim Yuna was the talk of the town during the Winter Olympics. My character Kim Yuna is part of a group where people overcome depression. She is one interesting girl because she makes one wonder what is going on in her head.
The difference between Twitter and Cyworld is that there is more English [on Twitter]. When I first made the site, I forgot my password and I had a hard time because I didn't even know what 'following' was. These days I've become used to it. It is not as fun as Cyworld where you get to design your homepage but I like it because you get to easily connect with people from all over the world.
I really like singer Seotaiji. I was curious to find out what kind of person he was because people made such a big deal about him on the Internet after his comeback with "Moai" in 2008. I thought to myself 'This is it!' when I heard his track 'T'IKT'AK.' And I jumped for joy when I found out that I had been given the chance to shoot a commercial with him. When we actually began shooting, he talked to me and when he stroked my hair, all I said to him was 'thank you.' I think I was too nervous.
I have always wanted to learn how to play the electric guitar but my mom said no matter what, I had to learn how to play the piano. Even though I learned to play piano for seven years, I can barely play Czerny no. 100. Starting a few months ago, I've been getting lessons to play the electric guitar and drums. I know how to play a few chords on the guitar and I've been getting a lot of compliments from my drum teacher. And if I form a band, I would like to play the drums.
Forming a band has always been a lifelong dream. When I was on the bus with my friend I brought up the idea of forming a band and she liked it. Our band's name is 'Chick and Candy.' What does it mean? Uhm... But it doesn't have any significant meaning.
I like science fiction cartoons. I enjoyed reading "Twentieth Century Boys" by Urasawa Naoki but I haven't read "Pluto"... When I need money I get allowance but I feel that I asked my mom for too much money lately. It costs about 500 won to borrow a comic book but "Pluto" is a bit more expensive, it costs 600 won. And it costs 1,200 won to borrow two comic books which is quite expensive.
I also like figurines like Gundam Plamodels. I like the Japanese animation "Akira" and when I saw the figurine at the shop I thought it would cost about 30,000 won but when I asked it turned out to be worth 240,000 won. I just said 'Ah, yeah...' and awkwardly walked home. I think... I'll be able to buy something as expensive as that when I become an adult. What should I do when even as an adult my mom asks me why I spend my money on something like that?
Sometimes my mom says 'when you're twenty you should become more pretty and feminine.' But so far, I can't even imagine it. My friends tell me that they want to become college students and play but I like how things are now. I think having a lot of knowledge is important once you get older but I don't want a lot of change. At times like this I wish I was like Peter Pan, never having to grow up. (laugh)

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