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Kim Ha-neul says "Road No. 1" once-in-a-decade drama

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Kim Ha-neul poses during a photo session of a press conference for MBC TV series "Road No. 1" held at Sangmyung University in Seoul, South Korea on June 18, 2010. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

The prospect of having to wear shabby clothes and a grubby face in upcoming war drama "Road No. 1" did little to daunt actress Kim Ha-neul who thinks its script is one that comes along "once-in-a-decade."

The 32-year-old actress made the remark during a press conference held at Sangmyung University in Seoul on Friday as she responded to reporters' questions about how she decided to take on a role in the 20-part TV series set in times of the Korean War.
"I had strong belief in the director and upon reading all 20 episodes of the show, I could see how solid it was, to the extent that I wondered whether I would get to see such a script in the next 10 years," Kim said.

"I knew I would be wearing less make-up but I was also attracted to the character because of what a strong and confident woman she is...... I figured I could look much more beautiful if I did a good job of portraying her character," Kim explained.

In the series, Kim plays Soo-yeon, an aspiring doctor studying to enter medical school. She starts treating wounded soldiers with the breakout of the war.
Kim is joined by Hallyu star So Ji-sub for the role of Jang-woo, her life-long lover who is believed to be dead after fighting with a punitive force to make money to support Soo-yeon's dream, returns alive.

Former boy band G.O.D member-turned-actor Yoon Kye-sang plays Tae-ho, an elite general who steps into Soo-yeon's life as she recovers from the pain of losing her past lover.

The series has been garnering much hype ahead of its airing on June 23 due to its star-studded cast and blockbuster scale -- it was produced on a 13 billion won budget over six months after three years of planning.

It was also sold to major Japanese media group Hakuhodo Media Partners, according to its producer Logos Films in mid-April, although they had finished shooting only 60 percent of filming was complete.

Directors Lee Jang-soo, of drama "Stairway to Heaven" fame, teamed with Kim Jin-min to film "Road No. 1."

Logos is set on selling the show to other regions throughout the world which took part in the war such as the Americas and Europe.

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