On the set of TV series "Sister of Cinderella"

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"We are going to wrap up with a kiss," cried out director Kim Young-jo of KBS TV series "Sister of Cinderella." One would have thought that it was the long-awaited and much-anticipated kiss between the show's main female and male character, but it was actually the charming Hyo-seon (played by Seo Woo) planting a thank-you kiss on a servant grandmother and a maiden for giving her vegetables without her mother knowing about it. The scene will later air in the twelfth episode. The shooting started early in the morning on an incredibly sunny Children's Day [May 5 - National holiday] and attracted huge crowds of families, who were visiting a nearby amusement park and flocked around the surrounding roads near the shooting location.

In the story, actresses Lee Mi-sook and Seo Woo play a mother and daughter who are in a love-and-hate relationship and get into physical fights. But when the director yells the "okay" sign, the two burst into laughter and exchange jokes while rehearsing their lines together. Moon Geun-young, who arrived on the set after finishing a different shoot elsewhere, greets everyone -- friends and strangers alike -- with a cheerful hello while actor Chun Jung-myung, who came in panting after being stuck in a deadly traffic jam, is busy shaving in the other side of the room. The set looks almost like a photo spread. The four above-mentioned stars and 2PM member-turned-actor Taecyeon, who dropped by the set although he finished shooting his scenes, use the short break to sit around and start filming a video interview together. It is certainly a delightful experience to see all five actors from a distance of less than a meter away -- Lee Mi-sook exudes a certain authority about her, Moon Geun-young appears fair and square, Seo Woo seems charming, Chun Jung-myung a little foolish and Taecyeon acts shy unlike his personality seen on variety shows. The fact that Children's Day was almost over when we returned to Seoul after the shoot ended.. well, we will just forget about that.

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