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"Giant" - SBS TV
Written by: Jang Young-chul, Jung Kyung-soon
Produced by: Yoo In-shik
Starring: Lee Bum-soo (as Lee Kang-mo), Park Jin-hee (as Hwang Jung-yeon), Joo Sang-wook (as Cho Min-woo), Hwang Jung-eum (as Lee Mi-joo), Jung Bo-suk (as Cho Pil-yeon), Lee Deok-hwa (as Hwang Tae-sup), Kim Seo-hyung (as Yoo Kyung-ok), Park Sang-min (Lee Sung-mo), Lee Moon-shik (as Park So-tae)
In one sentence: A period drama set in the 1970 to 1980s, a time during which people's desire to develop Kangnam were entangled, where three children who were separated after losing their parents come together to seek revenge for them.
Premiere date: May 10, 2010, 9:55 p.m.

Epic drama "Giant," celebrating the 20th anniversary of major public network SBS, is similar to MBC's series "5 Republic" in the sense that it draws on the same storyline -- the desires of an individual living in the 1970 to 1980s, a time period which was all about economic growth. However, "Giant" takes a chance and tries to transform into "an interesting story instead of the obvious" while incorporating the subject of 'developing Kangnam.' The main flow of the drama is based on three siblings Sung-mo (Park Sang-min), Kang-mo (Lee Bum-soo) and Mi-joo (Hwang Jung-eum). As if it's not enough that they lose their father in a questionable murder, their mother's life is taken away as well because of the coal briquette she bought with money she panhandled. When the three siblings, who were separated, are reunited, Sung-mo has become a man dreaming of seeking revenge while working as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency under the command of Cho Pil-yeon (Jung Bo-suk) who killed their father and Mi-joo is one of the reigning actress of the time as well as having authority and influence on the government as well. But at the very moment they decide to execute their revenge, their fate become tangled and confusing as Mi-joo falls in love with Cho Pil-yeon's son Min-woo (Joo Sang-wook) and Kang-mo and Min-woo both go after Jung-yeon (Park Jin-hee).
Anticipation Quotient (1-10 points)

If you are curious about the Kangnam district that was eyed in the 1970s to 1980s - 9 points
If you are worried about the show's synchronization rate with "5 Republic" - 7 points

Kangnam was land that everyone had their eye on even 30 years ago. The tight tension between money and power can be seen through the conflict between the head of the Central Intelligence Agency Cho Pil-yeon and chairman of Manbo Construction. It is anticipated that "the first 10 episodes resembling a intelligence war" as said by Lee Bum-soo and "the camera walking only seen in American dramas" as said by Jung Bo-suk, will heighten the tension in the show. Lee Deok-hwa, who had played the role of former president Chun Doo-hwan in "5 Republic," returns as a businessman whose power is backed by the government.
At the press conference on Tuesday, scenarist Jang Young-chul explained that "the political and economical situation isn't anything more than a mere setting showing the family who is trying to live during that period....... Fundamentally, it is a human drama depicting on the family's love." However, will the audience be able to feel humanism in a drama following the story of revenge and desire? We will just have to wait and see if Jung Bo-suk's wish to "beat out MBC's 'Dong Yi-Jewel in the Crown'" will be granted.

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