[INTERVIEW] Actress Seo Woo - Part 2

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10: The atmosphere on set for "Sister of Cinderella" must be quite different since there are several other actors your age.
Seo Woo: We were really close in the beginning but we shoot in two separate groups now because we're much more busier so when we run into someone on set, we'll feel both happy and sorry for each other, shoot our scenes, and then say goodbye again. Chun Jung-myung always puts in a lot of effort to keep us in line and help boost our spirits. More than anything, I'm really having a lot of fun.

10: How is it working with Moon Geun-young who plays the role of your sister?
Seo Woo: I respect her. She's a younger sister that I really like as well as a senior actor that I respect. I cannot even dare imitate her 11 years of acting experience, it's incredible that she has done it since she was so young, and she's someone that I feel is a real actor. But it actually is most difficult to focus on my character's emotions when I'm shooting up against her because we'd be talking and playing jokes one minute, then light up our eyes and get mad at each other the next.
10: There was a scene where you stand on your toes in ballet shoes. Did you ever learn to ballet dance?
Seo Woo: I did a bit of figure skating for a short while when I was very young and then I studied Korean dance in middle and high school but it was my first time ballet dancing. I just went for it regardless, but the ballet shoes were new so my feet got crushed so badly that they started bleeding. I'm born with sturdy calves and I even have muscles on my back but I had to wear a dress which showed my back for that scene. I later burst out into laughter seeing a photo that someone had posted up of me in that scene, saying that I'm as muscular as singer Kim Jong-gook. (laugh) I got greedy to do well again this time so I had to take medicine because my legs swelled up and I've been carrying around a massage machine to loosen up the swelling.

10: Your crying acting is impressive. Large tears will fall from your eyes, even in scenes that are not that sad. Is this because you momentarily immerse yourself in the situation you're in or do you think of something sad in particular?
Seo Woo: I shot a crying scene once when I had no idea what was going on because I had just debuted. I thought I would be given time to pull my emotions together but was so surprised when the cue sign fell. But I think the tears come much more easily when I focus on the scene rather than thinking of something in particular. The script read that I was supposed to cry as if my insides were being torn apart in the scenes of "Sister of Cinderella" where my dad (played by Kim Gap-soo) collapses or when I find out that my mom (played by Lee Mi-sook) has changed. But I try not to think of when I was sad in the past because if I do that and cry on purpose because of that, I notice later on that it shows that I didn't cry for the same reason. And I don't cry easily in particular -- I think it shows well on screen because my eyes bulge out a bit so it's easier to notice. (laugh)

10: There'll be a lot of change to the story in "Sister of Cinderella" starting mid-way. What will happen to your character Hyo-seon?
Seo Woo: The topic of the drama is that 'Nobody is just nice and nobody is just weak' so if you just take the story into consideration, Hyo-sun has been sad and ill-treated a lot so I think she may take revenge thinking she has been betrayed by everyone. Hence although it hadn't showed till now, a lot of her pain will be revealed and Eun-jo's (played by Moon Geun-young) heart will ache for her too. So she started out as a cheerful character but her emotions will rise and fall like waves billowing on the sea.
10: What do you desire the most to improve about yourself?
Seo Woo: As an ACTOR, I feel that I should be more brave and become more strong. An actor should be able to do a variety of things and is someone who sometimes has to show what people sometimes feel within themselves but do not like to show to others so I want to become strong starting from the inside.

10: What sort of actress do you want to be in 10 years?
Seo Woo: I'm actually very curious about that too. I don't know whether I'll be in Korea or acting in a place like Africa. What I do want to do though, is to play genres that not a lot of female actors do. Like action. Japan has Samurai action and China has martial arts so I'm interested to see what kind of action could represent Korea.

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