[FOCUS] Wednesday/Thursday drama rivalry - Part 2

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6. Work and Love, Love and Work: The story for all three stories are set at the workplace

"Princess Prosecutor": It is impossible to perfectly reenact the process of investigation that prosecutors carry out unless the program is a reality documentary. However, "Princess Prosecutor" adds an abundance of detail into depicting the daily life of a civil servant. The show has received reviews that even regular office workers can relate to the portrayal of the job description of a rookie prosecutor. "Princess" could become a good example of an office drama if it lays out the process of investigations with common sense.
"Personal Taste": One can't really say it is specialized. The drama does not explain through what process a house is designed, how to trim the different kinds of wood in order to make furniture, or what the necessary preparations are in carrying out a bidding. The scenes where Park Gae-in takes part in a furniture exhibition and has Jun Jin-ho cut the acrylic from a blind in order to avoid an emergency situation adds onto the sense of reality in telling the difficulties one struggles as an employee.

"Sister of Cinderella": Everyone gathers together at the makgeolli brewery called "Daesungdoga." However, this Goo Dae-sung's world of abundance and is one of the things that Song Gang-sook wants, but it does not display any characteristics as a work place. One might forget that it is a brewery, if it did not show the scene of Goo Hyo-seon (played by Seo- Woo) drinking the residue left after rice liquor is drained before going to school. As a whole, the story of the self righteous self-made owner, the femme fatale-like new lady of the house, and the naive yet talkative workers and large family all seem like trite set-ups.

7. I'm your father: The parents' desires determines the fate of the main characters' fates

"Princess Prosecutor": The wealthy father who wants to form a trinity with those in politics. And the mother, always looking her best, who desires for her daughter to grow up beautifully. The two together created Ma Hye-ri, who goes to work at the public prosecutors' office wearing designer clothes from head-to-toe. That is why her character, as someone who will miss out on an overnight trip held by the prosecutors' office to attend a designer shoe auction, makes sense to a certain extent. It is why it also makes even more sense for someone like her, who is being supported by a rich father, considers it only natural to "marry someone from a pre-arranged blind date."

"Sister of Cinderella": Song Eun-jo wants to break free from her mother. Goo Hyo-seon has been pained by not having a mother. Hong Gi-hoon (Chun Jung-myung) is hurt that his father does not acknowledge him as his son. "Cinderella" draws out a strong energy from how the youth in the show try to break away from the pre-determined paths their parents have set for them. But how every main character lives a tormented life because of their parents, is too much to simply be considered coincidence. The writers may have pushed forth a somewhat unnatural setting in order to tell its story. Even Han Jung-woo (played by Taecyeon), who appears starting in the fifth episode, reveals that he lived under an irresponsible father.

"Personal Taste": Park Gae-in talks to her father on the phone but one does not even get to hear his voice. He is only a medium which allows Park and Jun to live together under one roof. Jun and his mother also seem to be on good terms but there is no explanation for this either. Of course, the gravity of a parent's role can be reduced depending on the drama's characteristics. But having Han Chang-ryul's (played by Kim Ji-suk) father be the man who has had seven wives, is an irrational set-up, more so if is aimed at explaining that the son, like his father, is a frivolous womanizer. If the father is a character existent within the story, shouldn't there be some attention paid to at least how the son of such a father feels on the inside.

8. The supporting actors mean everything to the show.

"Sister of Cinderella": She is the kind of woman who is extremely determined and will curse whether she is happy or mad but the acting skills of Lee Mi-sook comes second to none when she instantly transforms into a captivating wife. One will be astonished by the way she comforts Goo Hyo-seon with her warm and benevolent ways yet show a hint of subtleness. Kim Gap-soo's acting too is quite unheard of -- he puts on the expression of a little boy in front of Lee but in front of his family shows great charisma. Even the cunning acting skills of child actor Moon Suk-hwan is excellent.

"Princess Prosecutor": The show is well balanced overall, portraying the typical office worker well although it does not contain any scenes with enthusiastic acting. It will be worth paying attention to the acting of Yang Hee-kyung, who contributes to the comical scenes, the sensible presence of Kim Sang-ho and the stable acting by Choi Song-hyun. There is much anticipation for Choi's acting in particular with how she pulls off both a realistic senior worker and a spinster's daughter in a relaxed state of mind.

"Personal Taste": The show has a slew of good actors, including Cho Eun-ji, Chung Sung-hwa, Seulong and Ahn Suk-hwan, as well as a cameo appearance by Bong Tae-gyu, but fails to utilize them properly. They have not been given opportunities to act outside of their previously set images. Seulong in particular struggles desperately. His facial expressions, body movements and vocalization is exaggerated as if he is in a school play. It is understandable that he may be overcome with passion to act well but it seems that he is desperately in need of control.

9. ctrl+C/ctrl+V: How much did the writers break away from their previous works?

"Princess Prosecutor": Traces of the writers’ previous work can merely be found in the fact that actors Lee Seung-hyung and Baek Seung-hyeon are again on the producer's show. Unlike "Shining Inheritance" which transplanted mystery into a family drama, "Princess Prosecutor" can be said it aims more at being American drama-like because it chases after the various cases that the main character solves. One becomes even more expectant of how much “Princess Prosecutor” could achieve because the scenarist, who had been popular for creating typical soap operas, has attempted to develop on both structure and story.

“Sister of Cinderella”: It will definitely be new and interesting to see how the situation two female characters are laid in, will change because of their desires. However, one may think of dramas "Piano" and "Spring Days" because of how the characters are forced to become a family, the conflict which arises from this, and the extremely loneliness one my never be able to comprehend.

"Personal Taste": A good-looking male lead and the clumsy yet lovable female lead, and the friends which either cause trouble or give advice -- such continue to remain valid elements to creating a romantic novel. However, as a romantic comedy, it is a trite composition. The fundamental problem is that elements which should have been left out in the process of being converted into a drama, were included as the original writer of the novel took on the script.

10. The best and worst case scenarios for the dramas

"Sister of Cinderella" Best: It surpasses viewership ratings of 30 percent and receives praise as a 'well-made drama.' Seo Woo gets complimented by Park Myeong-su on KBS' "Happy Together." Taecyeon is showered with other drama scenarios. Moon Geun-young gets top honors at the KBS drama awards.
Worst: Seo Woo gets scolded by Park Myeong-su. From a certain point on in the drama, more gangsters than actors appear. An article saying, "Taecyeon decides to focus on 2PM activities" pops up. Most of the articles are on Kim Gab-soo and Lee Mi-sook's acting. Moon Geun-young's fans console the young actress by saying she will have better luck with her next role.

"Princess Prosecutor" Best: Word spreads among producers that Kim So-yeon would do well whatever role she played. The combination of writers Jin Hyuk and So Hyung-kyung becomes well-known. Choi Song-hyun becomes acknowledged as an actress officially. Park Shi-hoo receives the nickname "man of high ratings." Park Jeong-ah and Gil celebrate at TV personality Kim Je-dong's house.
Worst: The workers at Namoo Actors have a tough time trying to switch their facial expressions in front of the successful Moon Geun-young and the not-so-successful Kim So-yeon. It leaves no legacy like "Shining Inheritance" did. Han Jeong-su grows out his hair to decide which historical drama to appear in next. Kim Je-dong tweets on how Park Jeong-ah "should have stopped acting after SBS drama ‘When Man Love.’”

"Personal Taste"Best: Lee Min-ho is offered 15 commercials. Son Ye-jin will always be Son Ye-jin. Son Hyung-suk no longer has nightmares about drama "Every Night." Kim Ji-suk enters the military with his fans cheering him on. Domestic and international fans all stampede to visit "Sanggojae."
Worst: Even Son Ye-jin makes mistakes. Lee Min-ho is busy looking for a follow-up drama. Kim Ji-suk and Wang Ji-hea are just up and coming stars that fail to meet expectations. The best work to date by Son Hyung-suk is "Auction House."

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