Kim So-yeon says "Ma Hye-ri and I are very similar" - Part 2

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Press conference for SBS TV series "Princess Prosecutor"

Q: Your acting seems to have improved a lot in this drama. Are you still stressed about being called the actress who used to an anchorwoman?
Choi: I think some people still feel awkward and uncomfortable about seeing Choi Song-hyun as an actress. People feel good when others tell them that they are great at what they want to do and what they are doing, and get upset when they hear they are doing a bad job. But I think that even telling someone they are bad at something comes out of their attention and affection for them. Personally, it's very flattering to receive attention but I'm worried that I might cause trouble for the director, staff and senior actors who are working hard to make a good show. But like they say, even someone who you don't like will grow on you when you keep seeing them, so I think if viewers keep seeing me on the screen as they tune in to watch the show, they might feel less uncomfortable about me. The saying that encouraged me a lot recently was that I should make an effort not to become better than others but what I was in the past. That a competition becomes great when it is not against others but yourself. I always look inferior because I am working with such excellent senior actors but I am getting better little by little.
Han: I am sorry to say this but to be honest, I had bit of a preconceived notion when I first heard that Choi Song-hyun was cast in the drama. But I was very surprised when she came to the first script reading session. She has the most prosecutor-like speech and attitude out of all the actors in "Princess Prosecutor". I hope viewers will see her from an objective perspective, if possible, just like I got rid of my preconceptions about her.
Q: Han Jeong-su, your character in "The Slave Hunters" was adored by two female characters -- the old hostess and the young one. You are also very popular in "Princess Prosecutor", receiving affection from both Prosecutor Jin and Prosecutor Ma. What do the two actresses think is the charm to Prosecutor Yoon?
Kim: I don't really know! Hahaha, I am kidding. You will see when the story develops but Ma Hye-ri has a lot of inferiority complex so I think she is strangely attracted to people who are mean or apprehensive rather someone who is nice to her. I think that is probably why Hye-ri is attracted to Prosecutor Yoon in the beginning, but the real Han Jeong-su is so different from Prosecutor Yoon! Haha, I meant that in a good way.
Choi: Prosecutor Yoon is described in the script as someone who is extremely good-looking and a very handsome person is playing the part. Plus he is a chief prosecutor who has the athletic ability and strong physique necessary in catching a criminal at a crime scene, so that is attractive too. Prosecutor Jin is someone who is very precise about her work and so I think that is why she likes him. And when Prosecutor Yoon, who is a perfectionist in front of other people, shows his less-than-perfect side in front of her, I think her mother instinct also plays a part to her being attracted to him.

Q: Then what do you think is the charm of lawyer Seo In-woo?
Kim: In-woo is like a superman-like figure to Hye-ri. I think she likes him because he always shows up when she is in trouble and takes care of things.
Han: When I first saw him, I thought he looked very attractive because he didn't have double eyelids. And I was surprised because he wasn't just good-looking but had an incredible voice too. My voice sort of sounds like I mumble, but he is a great actor, the best.
Choi: In the show, the people at the district attorney's office have a strict hierarchy, wear formal clothes and hang out in groups. But lawyer Seo In-woo looks cool because has a sixth sense, he's mysterious and has a free spirited vibe about him. And some men can't pull off fashionable wardrobe and accessories but he looks great in them.
Park: My lawyer friend actually called me and said, "We get fired if we dressed like that." (laugh) I told him Seo In-woo has a free spirit and that the drama is just a drama.

Q: Han, you had to bare some skin in his drama too, like you did in "The Slave Hunters."
Han: I was actually quite flustered that day. I walked in wearing a bathing robe but the director said it didn't seem quite right... He told me not to worry since I'd only be showing my back, so I did it, but it actually turned out looking very vulgar on TV. (laugh) And I looked too muscular for a prosecutor so I thought whether I should have just not tensed up my body for the scene. Thankfully, when I bared skin on "Hunters," there was some great huge response in one go but there wasn't much response this time.
Choi: There was subtle response from the women around me. (laugh)
Q: Might there not be more skin-baring scenes?
Han: I usually don't pass when it comes to working out but after shooting "Hunters" for eight months and then "Princess Prosecutor" simultaneously for about a month, I've been taking a break because I hadn't even had time to sleep. I do think there may be occasional moments where I will have to [bare skin] though so I think I should quickly start again. I'm terribly out of shape now so I'm embarrassed.
Park: The producer just suddenly starts taking off your clothes. I was a victim too yesterday. (laugh)

Q: Do you have any jinx when it comes to viewership ratings?
Kim: I'm actually just amazed and having so much fun about playing this role, rather than worrying about its ratings. I actually went to get a tarot card reading for the first time before taking on "Iris." And I was told the work I take on after "Iris" would bring huge luck to my life so I'm counting on that.
Park: She told me that story the first day we met so I told her I want to become good friends with her. (laugh)
Choi: I don't have much experience acting yet but I think we'll do well since I'm with a director and actors who have seen great ratings.
Han: I dreamt last night that our drama flopped. The scenarist said she won't be able to write anymore and the producer said in a sad face that the show will probably end early. The dream was very sad but people say what goes on in dreams are the opposite of reality so I think its signaling that it'll be a hit.

Q: Your show is still ranked third in terms of ratings in the competition against Wednesday and Thursday evening dramas aired on other broadcasters. Have you ever monitored other shows? And what do you think is the sole strength to yours?
Choi: I watched the other shows briefly and from the response it seems that they're all well-made dramas but ours is easier to focus on because it's dynamic. I also think its strength lies in that it's cheerful and lively.
Park: Our show is like an assorted gift set. It's a mix of various genres so there's a lot to see and the script is becoming increasingly interesting so I myself am looking forward to it.
Han: Most dramas emphasize on the first two episodes and then take it more easy afterwards but "Princess Prosecutor" becomes increasingly fun. If there was action in the third and fourth episodes, imagination runs wild in the fifth. The producing is great too and the imagery is beautiful. "Hunters" was shot with a Red One camera, which was a lot of work and did not expect the quality of this show to be as great, but I was very surprised after watching it on TV.
Kim: I haven't had time to look at the other shows so I've only seen previews, but my mom said she's watched all of them and said they're all fun. We're in trouble! (laugh) The fifth and sixth episode will explain why Hae-ri's personality is the way it is -- she used to weigh over 100 kilograms so she hadn't interacted much with people and has very little idea of what she's doing. We have the pattern for the special makeover ready -- it's going to be really fun. And there is so much we still have left to show. I can say confidently that the drama will be stronger toward in the end.

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun
Editor : Lynn Kim, Lee Ji-Hye
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