TV series "Dong Yi," "Oh! My Lady" off to good start

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New Monday and Tuesday dramas "Dong Yi-Jewel in the Crown" and "Oh! My Lady" [MBC/SBS]

Two new Monday and Tuesday prime time dramas -- MBC's "Dong Yi-Jewel in the Crown" and SBS' "Oh! My Lady" -- have taken off to a good start since first airing on Monday.

According to numbers by TNS Korea and ABG Nielsen Media Research, "Dong Yi" scored 11.4 percent and 11.6 percent, respectively, in viewership ratings while "Lady" recorded ratings of 10 percent and 11.5 percent.

"Dong Yi," a historical epic helmed by famed director Lee Byung-hoon whose previous works including "Jewel in the Palace" and "Heo Jun," stars top Korean actors Ji Jin-hee and Han Hyo-joo.

The first episode of the show, about Dong Yi who grows up to become Choi Suk-bin, a consort of King Sukjong and the mother of King Youngjo during the Chosun Dynasty, featured the life of young Dong Yi played by child actress Kim You-jung.

Meanwhile, the premiere series of SBS drama "Lady" showed the unusual first encounter between top star Sung Min-woo and divorcee Yoon Gae-hwa who Min-woo hires as his house maid.
Super Junior member Choi Si-won plays the role of Sung Min-woo while actress Chae Rim returns to the small screen as the maid-turned-manager.

"Dong Yi" airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:55 p.m. and "Lady" at 8:50 p.m.

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