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Korean stars at shine at Korean military concert

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(From left) Korean actor Zo In-sung, TV personality Boom and actor Kim Jae-won salute at a military concert hosted by military broadcasting TV station KFN. [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

"We all love the Republic of Korea!" It was actor Kim Jae-won who suggested that they all cry out the cringy phrase and TV personality Boom and actor Zo In-sung complied to the request. To imagine that this quite unlikely mix of celebrities would make such a patriotic remark. But like in Wonderland where abnormal behavior is not regarded as abnormal, here at the concert for military officials hosted by military broadcasting TV station KFN, everything was in harmony and dissolved into one. Even when Tony of H.O.T., Andy of Shinhwa, Jang Su-won and Kim Jae-duc appeared one after another, there was no conflict among the former boy band members. However popular they may be in the world outside, actors Lee Dong-wook, Lee Jin-uk, Jae-hee and On Joo-wan -- clad in military uniforms -- did their best in answering the questions asked by Sergeant Yang Se-hyung. The concert's finale, where everyone took part in to sing "Real Man", best showed the nature of the military organization.

However, even when military soldiers watching the concert and the show's emcees literally became one as they unite and cheer on [Korean girl bands] f(x) and Kara, the unique characteristic of each individual which shines through at certain moments could not be concealed. Zo In-sung emitted radiance just wearing a military uniform and Dynamic Duo who performed with DJ Tukutz was still dynamic. And Boom, well he is just Boom. Although an army soldier, a sensible Boom came out wearing a navy uniform to balance his position of standing between Zo In-sung, an air force officer, and Kim Jae-won, who is with the army. And he stood at the center of the event, showing off his hosting skills -- when there was a short silence after the first half of the concert ended, Boom remarked "We will start the second part of the show right away if you give us your applause and cheer. The best advantage of the military broadcasting network! No commercials," he said, drawing even louder rooting from the audience. But the most impressive scene of the day was the performance by J-Walk, who reunited for the first time after having been on a long break. Kim Jae-duc, who has "one month left till discharge", and Jang Su-won, who entered the service three months ago and has "never counted the days he has left till discharge", drew cheers from fans when they hugged each other tight and exited the stage. It was the moment where the fantasy of a pop idol, which was shattered in the outer world, was restored in a space we call the military.

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Lynn Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin
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