[INTERVIEW] Actor Lee Gwang-soo

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Actor Lee Gwang-soo [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]
My name is Lee Gwang-soo. I'd never left out my last name when mentioning my name but people I started being called Gwang-soo from a certain point on.
I was born on July 14, 1985.
I wasn't short when I was young either but I was big and fat. I lost weight starting in middle school as I started to grow. I haven't gained weight ever since.
My parents are also on the tall side. My dad is 179 centimeters tall and my mom around 165. But my younger sister, who will turn 26 this year, isn't that tall.
I started modeling after I graduated high school. I did it because I'm tall but I also liked being noticed by people. That's why I wore unique clothes too. Like red jeans. They're pretty common nowadays but they weren't back in the days. Whether it be because I'm tall or seem weird, I liked people taking noticing of me.
After I became a broadcasting and entertainment major, I joined theater company because I wanted to act. We did "The Wizard of Oz" for children and I was the scarecrow. I myself think that's the only role that suits me. I wouldn't fit the role of the lion or the tinman... As much as it was a play for kids, I learned to make big movements and this helped a lot in my sitcom acting.
I have always like director Kim Byung-wook's sitcoms. I watch every episode of "High Kick 2," not to just monitor myself but because I really enjoy his work.
I like drawing cartoons so I've tried making my own comic book. There's a lot of blood and vomit in it. That's the stuff I like. (laugh) But I'm not good at organizing my belongings so I found out later on that my mother threw everything away. I still enjoy scribbling.
When I appeared in the commercial for SHOW, Choi Daniel had been appearing in the commercial for SK Telecom's T. We were compared a lot because we were both newbies in the commercial industry but I think that was also why I felt so glad when I first met him on the set of "High Kick 2." You know what it feels like, right? Meeting someone for the first time but it not really feeling like its your first. But then again, I couldn't approach him too easily from the very beginning.
I like basketball. But I'm not that athletic -- I'm just tall.
I've been growing out my moustache since I was 20-years-old. I couldn't grow it out as much while I was in the army but I would try my best to before going out on leaves so I used to get into a lot of trouble for it.
I like introducing people I know to each other. For example, I would introduce my friend from middle school to my friend from high school. I think that's why there is no differentiation between my friends.
When I watch movies I very easily become the characters in the movie. For example, after watching "WOOCHI" recently, I felt like I could be okay no matter from how high I fall and that I could win a fight against anyone. That lasted a week. And when I watch sad movies, I become the main character and cry my eyes out.
The episode I liked the most from "High Kick 2" was when I did the dog paddle in the swimming pool. I know how to swim but it was the first time I tried the dog paddle. I think I did a pretty good job of it though and the director applauded me.
Ahead of shooting the swimming pool scene I worked out quite a lot. I'd worked out regularly but hadn't been able to as often recently because of the shoots. I became really embarrassed when Julien came out though.
When I shot a ramen commercial recently, I actually ate all of the ramen because I was hungry. I heard people say that they would spit food out later but I kept swallowing because it was good. Thankfully, I got the OK sign in just an hour of shooting.

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Jessica Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin
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