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Actress Hong Soo-hyun cast in "Komome"

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Korean Actress Hong Soo-hyun [BOF Entertainment]

Korean actress Hong Soo-hyun has been cast in "Komome" the second feature of the Asian omnibus film "Camellia", according to her agency BOF Entertainment.

"Komome," to be helmed by Japanese filmmaker Yujisada Isao, is about the romance between a movie director, to be played by Korean actor Sul Kyung-gu and a young girl by Japanese actress Yositaka Yuriko.

Hong will play the role of Sun-ah who is an actress in the film that Sul's character directs.

The picture is made up of three different segments directed by three Asian directors is set in the past, present and future in the city of Busan, Korea. The first feature "Iron Pussy" is set in the past, "Komome" in the present and the final episode "Love For Sale" in the future.

Hong has appeared in several dramas, films and musicals since her debut as a model in 2001. She most recently appeared in hit TV series "Temptation of an Angel."

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