[REVIEW] TV series "Queen Seon-deok"

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"Queen Seon-deok" - Final episode, MBC TV (Mon/Tue, 9:55 P.M.)

"You think you'll get to attain everything but, in fact, you won't have a thing." The fate of the Queen was to "endure" her life -- even after losing the people she loved and even if she would end up being more lonely and desolate than living in the desert. With nothing left in her possession, Queen Seon-deok (played by Lee Yo-won) -- who guided the last 12 episodes after the controlling Mi-shil (played by Ko Hyun-joung) died in the show -- slowly crumbled after leaving it to Kim Yushin (played by Uhm Tae Woong) to unify Samhan. Bidam (played by Kim Nam-gil), who had been with her throughout life, died a tragic death after losing his affection for the Queen as well as his political power. The moment he calls the Queen by her first name, "Deok-man", despite being charged with high treason, was a memorable final scene for a character who had been discovered and matured as the drama progressed.
"I'm done [being Queen]," says the Queen after Mi-shil dies, rather than trying to find out why she "had to be the Queen and not Mi-shil." She was a queen who was so swayed by her affection for Bidam that she had failed in both love and politics, but if one takes a step back from the show and looks at the big picture, one will clearly see that Deok-man had endured a journey. A journey that was about living a lonely, desolate and fearful life which she had to endure while losing the people she loved.

Mi-shil's character, which had been complete from the moment she appeared in the drama, had all the attractive qualities despite being a villain. Compared to Mi-shil, the young and vulnerable Deok-man had to fight a disadvantageous battle from the start. The essence of "Queen Seon-deok" is found in all the questions that Deok-man had thrown during her journey to become the 'ruler' of the country. Their battles took place more than a thousand years ago but reminded viewers of what had happened on the same soil in the recent few decades. Their lives and deaths made us think about the deaths we had experienced this year and about the life that still lays ahead. That is the very reason that "Queen Seon-deok" should be remembered in 2009, even if the show was not the same after the death of Mi-shil and could not maintain its artistic quality from beginning to end.

- Written by Yoon Ina (TV critic)

Editor : Lynn Kim
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