[REVIEW] SBS TV series “Will It Snow On Christmas?”

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Review on first episode aired on Dec 2, 9:55 p.m.

A scene from new SBS TV series "Will It Snow on Christmas?" [SBS]

In a small community by the countryside, people get more easily and mercilessly hurt due to their intimate relationships with each other. Among these people stands a man who gets hurt but seldom tries to receive solace. To him, his mother is the strongest thorn yet his everything. The man chooses to seek revenge against the rules of this community because it is unkind towards him. This is when the main female character appears at this time. A woman with a pure spirit breaks through the man’s external protective shield and reaches into his heart.

This is how “Will It Snow On Christmas?” premiered but at the same time is also how writer Lee Kyung-hee starts most of her dramas. Like so, the perspective and characters seem somewhat familiar. One's rank in society is based on the amount of capital he or she holds and this again acts as the mechanism that distinguishes virtue and evil.

“Christmas,” therefore, failed to root a new expectation with its premiere. Yet, what this drama can guarantee is its density. The optimistic female lead character makes viewers nervous since she is often thoughtless. The male lead is a homme fatale, who during his teen years will utter, ‘Although I’m not interested in you, somehow you keep catching my eye.’ A tragic vibe already surrounds the drama which has another ten years to go through until its real story unfolds, so viewers are left to wonder how many more misunderstandings and incidents the characters will run into. Although we want to keep watching the strong acting of child actors Kim Soo-hyun and Nam Ji-hyun, we cannot wait for the next episode. Yet, the curiosity is not regarding how the story develops but how many people it will make weep.

Reporter : Yoon Hee-Seong
Editor: Linda Kim
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