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Actor Cha Seung-won [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]
10: I don't know if it's because of that then but the character Kim Sung-yeol that you play in "Secret" is different from the detectives we usually see in Korean movies. Kim is just outright cool.
Cha: I completely intended on it. My understanding of this film was that it was a thriller with an artificial vibe to it rather than a thriller based on reality so I too didn't want to let my character look like the detectives we usually see in other movies. I read a review somewhere saying that Kim Sung-yeol is not a detective who uses his brain intensely but more like a guy from the fashion magazine so that's what I intended on portraying.

10: That's actually why, in a way, our attention keeps turning to your character and empathize with him more when we see him struggling.
Cha: Yes, he struggles. I wanted to show contrary sides to him -- that he is cool-headed in the beginning but gets flustered when he finds out when his wife is the suspect of a murder. He is someone who is so thorough that he will testify most frankly that a colleague used excessive force to quell an incident but become most flustered when another incident involves his family.
10: Do you think it's because of his love for his wife or the guilt over not having been able to protect his daughter?
Cha: I think it's probably both. He loves his wife but before that, he's a dad who is responsible for his daughter's death. An irreversible incident happened and it was his fault. I think he was more persistent in protecting his wife because he wanted to find a way to somehow turn things around.

10: That's why the scene where you drop a tear watching a video of your daughter when she was alive was impressive. You suit the part of playing both a stylish detective and a character with much paternal love.
Cha: It's probably because I'm at the right age. It would've seemed awkward if I had taken the part in my 20s. I've experienced more, have found out about family love and have more experience in society too.

10: And that's how you're finding new paths to take on as an actor in his 40s.
Cha: But I don't get why people make it seem as if I'm the only one who's in my 40s.
10: Maybe people emphasize it more because you don't look your age.
Cha: The fact that it keeps getting mentioned shows Koreans' stereotype toward people in that age range. I've always thought that people in their 40s have been portrayed in the uncoolest way in films or dramas. They're tired of life...

10: And have pot bellies? (laugh)
Cha: I hated those things so much. I always wondered why men in their 40s had to be portrayed like that when there can be an appeal to them too. An actor's job is to think of the right way to utilize himself in a movie and I wanted to use myself in a way that I wouldn't seem old. It's more than about simply making a body like you're in your 20s.

10: But we can't not mention your body. It can't be easy maintaining such a physique.
Cha: To an extent, it has to do with my job. Working out is good but it's difficult and also bothersome trying to maintain a physique. It's become a habit for me to an extent but I'm always contemplating. I don't tell myself right away that I should work out but I contemplate over whether I should or not go today because I worked out yesterday. And I come to the conclusion that working out is probably better than not. I also have to control my natural appetite so that stresses me out a lot too. But I put up with it because I'm an actor. It comes from the ounce of conscience I have.

10: Well if you put it that way, there are many people out there with a bad conscience. (laugh)
Cha Seung-won (Cha): That's just my personal thought. I once read a line written by someone saying that just like members of society go to work everyday and students go to school, it is only proper that actors workout before taking on a new role. I hate the person who wrote it for putting it that way but I also do agree with it. I think it's the proper thing to do for my job. To eat less, workout more.

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo, Lee Ji-Hye
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Jessica Kim
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