"Invincible" cast unhindered by cold weather

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Despite the chilly November breeze, a golf course in the Gangwon province shines with the greenness of its grass. Actor Ji Hyun-woo, who has kicked off his shoes, rolls around on the green. The sun beats down on him but there is steam seen coming from every breath he takes to speak his lines. Ondal the fool and Princess Pyung Kang, who have been reincarnated in modern day Korea, have laid their youth, pureness and life onto this golf course. Thanks to that, the field is not just simply a background scenery but rather a crucial key to the TV series "Invincible Lee Pyung Kang." On this certain day, Ji lies underneath a sprinkler squirting out water and soon becomes soaked from it entirely. His stylist, holding a portable heater in her hands, looks on at Ji with a concerned look on her face but the relentless director Lee Jung-sub is not satisfied and shouts out, "Ondal's face is too dry. Spray more water on him!"

Unlike Ji, actor Kim Heung-soo dressed neatly in golf wear, enjoys his free time by practicing his putts. He becomes even more confident as the time nears for him to shoot his kissing scene and Ji, who was drying his wet socks and actress Nam Sang-mi, who was looking at her script to rehearse her lines, both run toward Kim to root him on for the shoot. But it is not an easy task holding a huge parasol in one hand to keep out the water from the sprinklers and trying to kiss Cha Ye-ryun who is constantly nagging Kim. Everyone's lips start turning blue -- from the crew who are soaked from head to toe from manually controlling the direction of the sprinkler to the director who had been closely monitoring the screen to Kim whose arm is starting to shake from holding the heavy parasol with one arm for so long. But this will barely hinder their efforts. A passerby exclaims, "On such a cold day! You guys are young!" As long as their passion remains as young as their youth, they are invincible from the cold winter days.

Reporter: Yoon Hee-Seong
Photographer: Lee Jin-hyuk
Editor: Linda Kim, Jang Kyung-Jin
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