Actor Go Joo-won signs with Jun Jin's agency

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Korean actor Ko Joo-won [Asia Economic Daily]

Korean actor Ko Joo-won has signed with an entertainment agency that manages former boy band Shinhwa member Jun Jin, according to a press release on Tuesday.

Open-World Entertainment confirmed today that Ko has signed a four-year contract with the company. "We signed him on because we have high regards of Ko's passion and determination for acting," an official at the agency was quoted as saying.

The official went on to explain that the actor, who has received several offers for acting projects, is preparing for a comeback around January or February next year.

Koh, 28, debuted in 2003 in the SBS TV series "Hit" and has appeared in several TV dramas including "The Bizarre Bunch"(KBS, 2005), "Famous Princesses"(KBS2, 2006) and "The King and I"(SBS, 2007).
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