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New poster for Kim Bum's "Emergency" unveiled

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Poster for Korean movie "Emergency" [Ziness]

A new poster for Korean actor Kim Bum's upcoming film "Emergency" was released to the public today.

The unveiled poster shows Kim posing with each of his co-stars, Kim Byul and Lee Chae-young, who play his romantic interests in the story.
In the first picture with Lee, Kim portrays the sexy side of his character as a woman-seducing host who sells sexual fantasy for a living. In the other photo, the actor is shown as an innocent boy-ish man who is happy to be with his first love, played by Kim Byul.

The two couples represent the contrasting theme of night and day, standing for the film's tagline "P.M. 11:30 I sell fantasies, A.M. 11:30 I meet love."

The 20-year-old actor, who debuted in 2006, became a household name after appearing in the hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers" earlier this year.
"Emergency" is set to open in Korea on December 3.

Reporter : Lynn Kim
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